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At OR2018 (June 2018), several talks/workshops gave an overview of the latest DSpace 7 work and the new technologies behind it.

DSpace 7 Updates, Demo and RoadMap

  • DSpace 7 Update Slides: (Includes updates, What is coming in DSpace 7, estimated roadmap, and screenshots of the live demo)
  • DSpace 7 Recorded Demo:  (Includes a preview of REST API, Browse, Search, and a detailed demo of the enhanced Submission & Workflow functionality. This is an extended version of the live demo given at OR2018 in conjection with the "DSpace 7 Update Slides")

DSpace 7 Technical Workshops

  • DSpace 7 REST API Workshop taught by Andrea Bollini (4Science), Terry Brady (Georgetown) and Tim Donohue (DuraSpace)
  • DSpace 7 Angular UI Workshop taught by Art Lowell (Atmire) and Tim Donohue (DuraSpace)
  • Workshop Slides (including exercises): 
  • Workshop Wiki page:
    titleDSpace 7 Updates from OR2018

    DSpace 7 had a large presence at OR2019 in Hamburg, Germany, including two workshops and seven major talks.

    All the materials (slides, etc) and video recordings from OR2019 are available off the wiki page DSpace 7 at OR2019.  Please note that workshops were not recorded, but all materials (slides / code examples) are linked off that page.

    Scope & Objectives

    The goal of this working group, led by Tim Donohue, is to create a new, single User Interface (UI) for DSpace that implements all functionality currently available in JSPUI and XMLUI.  The UI will interact with DSpace core data through a completely new REST API to insure complete separation of the user layer from the data layer. This working group is split into two subteams: an Angular Subteam, led by Art Lowel (Atmire), which is concentrating on building a modern, responsive, client-side user interface using Angular and a REST API Subteam, led by Andrea Bollini (4Science), which is concentrating on building a new REST API based on state-of-art technologies, standards and best practices.


    • Meetings: We meet every week on Thurs at 15:00UTC (10am EST), using the DSpace Zoom Meeting Room (using Slack as a backchannel).  Anyone is welcome to join these meetings.
      • Meetings typically last one hour. We post a weekly reminder on our Slack channels (see below), along with a brief agenda.
      • Meeting notes are all available below.
      • Meeting Room:  (For telephone options, see DSpace Meeting Room)
    • Slack: Between meetings, we encourage usage of Slack to keep in touch and ask questions. If you have not yet joined the DSpace Slack, you may request an invite. All are welcome on Slack.
      • In Slack, we primarily use two channels:
        • #angular-ui : For DSpace 7 (Angular) UI updates, discussions and/or questions.
        • #rest-api : For DSpace 7 REST API updates, discussions and/or questions.
    • Email: We use standard DSpace lists to communicate updates, meetings, etc. We are primarily using dspace-devel (our developers mailing list) and Slack for these communications. Once we get further along, regular updates will also be announced on dspace-community (and other lists).


    Next meeting will be on Thursday, March 21 September 19 from 1514:00-1615:00 UTC (10am-11am ESTEDT) in (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040). Additional connection options (phone, etc) detailed at DSpace Meeting Room.

    Meeting Notes