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Angular meeting



REST meeting



  • Backchannel on #rest-api on Slack. Join us at
  • Do we need a list of Items in Collection response? (e.g.

  • Pagination of Items. What initial sort? / pagination?

  • Need ability to query at two layers:

    • Index layer (Solr) - All browsing/searching of objects occurs at this layer (and basic permission filtering). This is no different from current UIs

    • Storage layer (Database) - Only for accessing individual objects or administrative functions. No pagination/filtering should be needed (other than permission filtering for admins), as we do not allow for direct browsing/searching at this layer.
  • Browseable Object? discussion
    • Proposal to possibly wrap an Item/Community/Collection as a "Browseable Object"
    • A lot of discussion, but not much headway.
    • ACTION: Andrea is going to provide mockups of what he's proposing for us to respond to
  • We will use HAL format (JSON/XML serialization) for responses
    • (NOT JSON API / Katharsis)
  • Spring MVC & HATEOS Framework will be used to generate HAL

  • Initial work from Andrea has begun here:

    • ACTION: Andrea will migrate this work to a "feature branch" on DSpace/DSpace GitHub
    • Committers can contribute directly to this feature branch
    • Others can create PRs against this feature branch or ask for permissions (if they plan to be highly involved)
    • ACTION: Create a work-in-progress PR (to easily track Travis builds)
  • Andrea will create REST Tickets in JIRA (as subtasks / code tasks of one major ticket)
  • REST API Contract
    • Very rough notes started on Wiki: REST API Contract
    • ACTION: Andrea to start up a new "DSpace-Labs" Git repo for REST API Contract work (to allow us to collaborate easier)
      • Eventually we may move the "finalized" mockups to this repo as well.
  • Next meeting is next week (Thurs, Feb 16 @ 16:00UTC via Slack chat)

    • We've decided to switch to hourly weekly meetings, alternating between text chat meetings and conference call (voice) meetings

    • Upcoming schedule:
      • Thurs, Feb 16 @ 16:00UTC via Slack text chat updates (first 1/2 hour is in #angular-ui channel, second 1/2 hour is in #rest channel)
      • Thurs, Feb 23 @ 16:00UTC via conference call (first 1/2 hour on Angular, second 1/2 hour on REST)
      • Thurs, Mar 2 @ 16:00UTC via Slack text chat updates
      • Thus, Mar 9 @ 16:00UTC via conference call
    • This schedule is also now posted on the  DuraSpace Public Events Calendar (iCalRSS Feed)
    • Conference call location will be finalized/announced in near future.
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