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 from 15:00-16:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).



Current Work

Legend for status icons

(error) = review done (this week), changes were requested.

(tick) = review done, approved.

(warning) = review done, merge conflict or other minor changes requests

Tickets / PRs In Progress

  1. (Angular) Context sensitive admin menus (Art Lowel (Atmire) ) (work in progress)  (Timeline: Should be ready by March 7)
  2. (Angular) Adding Accessibility via Travis CI (work in progress) (Lower priority)
  3. (Angular) MyDSpace UI (work in progress) (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28, delayed  5th March need to run against the updated MyDSpace REST API PR)
  4. (REST Contract) Edit Homepage news: (Additional input has been included, requires new review from Tim Donohue  & Andrea Bollini (4Science) ) (Lower priority)
  5. (REST) MyDSpace Endpoint (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - EARLY Reviews Needed. Reviewers: Ben BosmanTim Donohue  (IT missings - previous Discover IT fixed ) on the 4Science repo against the 2312 PR (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28delayed, ITs ready by the end of week 3rd March)
  6. (REST) Updating Owning Collections: (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  7. (REST) Item Mapper functionality:  (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  8. (Backend) One Webapp Backend - Initial PR: (Tim Donohue ) (work in progress)

PRs Needing Review

  1. (warning) (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (UPDATED PR - Re-reviews needed from Andrea Bollini (4Science) ,   Tim Donohue)
  2. (tick) (REST Contract) Endpoint for EPerson profile PATCH requests: (UPDATED PR - Andrea Bollini (4Science) approved, Paulo Graça  - approved)
  3. (REST Contract) Fix examples for metadata-as-map (Paulo GraçaTim Donohue)
  4. (tick) (REST Contract) Metadata PATCH support: ( Tim Donohue - approved , Paulo Graça -approved and Andrea Bollini (4Science) )
  5. (REST) Metadata PATCH support: (Paulo Graça , Tim Donohue - implementation ready for review, pending final approval of contract PR above)
  6. (attenzione) (REST) Workflow Endpoint: (Tim Donohue , Ben Bosman Re-reviewed and additional feedback added.) 
  7. (Angular) Submission implementation:  (Art Lowel (Atmire) , Paulo Graça - reviewing, Tim Donohue  all received suggestion applied, ready to be merged after approval)
  8. (Angular) Administrative Item Edit: (Paulo Graça - minor changes requested,  Tim Donohue)
  9. (attenzione) (Angular) Browse by date and Starts-With component: (Paulo Graça - approved, Tim Donohue - minor changes requested)
  10. (Backend) Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace - Initial PR: (Terrence W Brady , Kim Shepherd , Art Lowel (Atmire))
    1. Might have an impact on MyDSpace PR (See "In Progress" section)?

PRs Merged this week!

  1. (tick) (REST) Metadata as a Map:
  2. (tick)(Angular) Metadata as a Map:
  3. (tick) (Angular) Modifying Metadata Registries:


  1. (REST) EPerson profile PATCH functionality :
    1. Blocked by Contract #49
  2. (Angular) Move Item Component:
    1. Blocked by DSpace PR#2283
  3. (Angular) Item-Collection Mapper:
    1. Blocked by DSpace PR#2282

Delayed / Needs Discussion

  1. (REST) Scripts & Processes endpoint:
  2. Discussion of deletion of EPeople for GDPR compliance (from Pascal)
    1. NOTE: item.getSubmitter() will return null if EPerson deleted.

Priorities for Preview Release

As discussed in previous DSpace 7 meetings, our DSpace 7 Preview release is aimed for end of March, followed by a Beta in May (before OR2019).  The top priorities for the Preview Release are (in this order):

  1. Submission & Workflow UI / backend
  2. Configurable Entities (from DSpace 7 Entities Working Group)
  3. Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace (not required for Preview, as there's no user facing features. However, the earlier we feel comfortable merging this effort the better)


  • Discussion topics
    • Discussion of deletion of EPeople for GDPR compliance (from Pascal): NOTE: item.getSubmitter() will return null if EPerson deleted.
      • Consensus that there's only two viable approaches... Either we delete the EPerson entirely (see Pascal's PR), or we use a "ghost user" approach (a special user account which is linked to Items where submitter/Eperson was deleted)
      • Lieven notes concerns about not catching all the possible NullPointerExpections if we delete EPerson entirely. We have some tests, but we aren't sure we have all scenarios tested.
      • Pascal notes that it would be a community/team effort to find & fix any that are not already fixed
      • Tim notes our new test driven development processes should help us to find these issues more quickly.  Community Testathon can clean up the rest.
      • Andrea notes if we go with delete Eperson approach, we should add integration tests to REST API and Angular to check for possible problems (especially around null submitter)
        • Tim volunteers to help with Integration Tests on REST API
        • We'd likely need more help on Angular side integration tests
      • Tim is concerned with "ghost user" approach, as it'd be a specialized EPerson account that would need to be treated differently than all other EPersons.  Unclear how much effort that would be, and whether that causes additional complications.
      • Not a clear consensus on whether we want to delete EPerson or use "ghost user" – different individuals favor different approaches.  However, there's no strong objections to either approach from anyone – just personal concerns expressed.
      • FINAL DECISION: Since we have a PR#2229 and no one has strong objections, let's move it forward as-is.  Let's work together to create the missing integration tests (Tim will help) and add comments noting any missing use cases / scenarios where a Null EPerson could be a problem. That way we can build out integration tests.
    • Skipped discussion of Concurrency in DSpace 7. Will pick that up next week
    • Discussion of Edit Homepage News:
      • Tim wanted more details on the proposed approach to use Bitstreams to store the Homepage news
      • Andrea said this could be metadata, like Community/Collection news
      • Tim agrees. We should consider using the Site object to store metadata for homepage news / logos, in the same way that these are stored on individual Community & Collection objects.
      • Lieven & Ben note they will consider this internally & bring ideas back for discussion next week