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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • First meeting on Zoom: DSpace Meeting Room
  • OR2018 Propoals - Finalizing them
  • DSpace 7 Planning discussion
    • Discussion in last week's Steering Committee meeting about better organizing the DSpace 7 development process.  Possibly even moving towards Sprints.  Would make it easier for institutions to volunteer developers temporarily (for a single sprint, or off & on)
    • First step is to gather "what is left to do", and start to better organize the planning.  Tim will take lead
    • Tim has started a very rough (brain dump) of what is done / in progress and left to do at  DSpace Release 7.0 Status
    • Feedback is welcome on the list.  However, as noted, the list is not ideal at this time.  A single bulleted list (or list of checkboxes) doesn't provide enough detail on current status

    • Tim will take lead on turning this into a planning table or spreadsheet by next week. After that, will need help from Art & Andrea to fill out, etc
      • Art and Andrea both have internal docs that may be of use. Will forward to Tim
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
  • REST API Updates (from Andrea)
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, Jan 18 at 15:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room