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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • Andrea Bollini (4Science) is out this week (at conference)

  • General updates:
  • Discussion of updated Submission Wizard mockups
    • Submission wizard
    • New "File & Accession" policies examples
      • How are these access policies configured?  (Through backend configuration?) There's some new concepts here, particularly "Lease"
      • Lease = the opposite of an Embargo. Lease = Item is open for a period of time, and then closed access after that.
        • Does Lease need a start & end date?  Or is the assumption it always starts from "today"?
          • Embargo however seems like it only needs an end date.
        • Do we even need Lease as an option? Unsure of the use case here or whether this was just added as an example. 
    • New CC License functionality
      • No comments in meeting
    • New deduplication functionality
      • Check for duplicates screens (during submission)
        • When does this check happen? As you are typing in field values during submission?  Will this be resource intensive on backend to be doing this check on every field update?
        • Instead of a popup (which could be annoying to a user in the midst of typing in field values), should it appear more as a "red flag" (somewhere on screen) with a note to say "Possible duplicate found"
          • If you click on that "Possible duplicate found" it could then provide you with the details in a popup
          • And if you ignore the red flag and try to submit, it could then do the popup and require you to resolve the duplication in some way.
      • Merging duplicates screens (after submission complete)
        • These merging screens seem to be administrative functionality?  They don't seem related directly to the submission process (other than it's likely triggered by a duplicate submission)
        • This should likely be split out into a separate wiki page, as it is confusing to see them listed as part of the Submission Wizard. They are performed by a different user as part of Admin UI activities
        • The screens are confusing here. The initial tabbed screen is unclear.  Why is it checking simply for single field duplicates?  Won't there be a lot of false positives here?
        • We will revisit this again next week when Andrea Bollini (4Science) is back. There's a lot of questions about how this will work, etc.
    • New deposit license screen
      • Should this screen display the full license text (instead of requiring you to click the button to view it)?
        • Some other systems require users to scroll through the license and hit an "Accept" button at the end. Should we consider that?
        • No strong opinions here..and this seems a minor detail, but it might be something to ask others about.
  • DSpace 7 Outreach Team meetings
    • Starting next week, Tim will start attending these meetings (they are moving their meeting time to accommodate)
    • Goal is to bring this team more "in the loop" and have closer connections between the groups
    • Also was suggested (by Art) that maybe when we discuss mockups we should have the same person present mockups at next Outreach meeting.  Tim agrees.
    • Members of this meeting will not need to attend Outreach (Tim will be the go between), except by invite to specific meetings (where deemed necessary, for example to present new mockups for feedback or similar)
  • Next Meeting is Thurs, Sept 28 at 15UTC via Google Hangouts
    • Discuss Deduplication functionality again (Recommended to move the administrative activities to a separate Wiki page, as they aren't part of the Submission Wizard)
    • Give updates on latest status
    • Everyone should also add more feedback to the Submission wizard mockups