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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • Meeting today will concentrate on feedback on the MyDSpace and Submission mockups from 4Science:

    • My DSpace Mockup: MyDSpace as a dashboard
      • Overall feedback: Looks reasonable, seems to be a rework of features that already exist in DSpace.
      • However, some concerns about whether using tables will make this less mobile friendly. We'd like to see MyDSpace screens be mobile friendly
      • Issues discussed are mostly minor issues relating to layout
      • More feedback to be added into comments by Art Lowel (Atmire)
    • Submission Wizard Mockup: Submission wizard
      • Concern about the addition of several new features here (are they doable in 7.0)
        • Drop in bibliographic records?  (Andrea's Response: This feature already exists in current JSPUI, just being adapted/reworked in this mockup)
        • Author Affiliation?  We don't want to imply this is supported elsewhere, as we don't yet have author profiles. Should this wait for author profiles?
          • Andrea's Response: General idea would be not to change the data model here. Affiliation would just be stored in DC metadata fields (alongside author) and not truly "linked up" (other than first author value would/should correspond to first affiliation value)
            • If Authors/Affiliations aren't "linked", is this feature really worth it? Are we implying something we don't have?
            • Also, if you reorder authors later on, then the affiliations would not be reordered automatically (unless you enhanced edit screens to do so, and that'd add more work)
          • One option here could be to remove the Affiliation field and/or make it a "beta" option (disabled by default) in DSpace 7, and then enable this concept once we support Author Profiles, etc.
        • Duplicate Detection?  How will we ensure this doesn't change our development timelines
          • Andrea's Response: This feature is already in DSpace-CRIS and was planned to be given back. It's also already funded/planned development that 4Science will be implementing (for DSpace) before the end of 2017. So, while it's "new" its development is already allocated for.
          • This is distinct from other "new features" which have been proposed, but have no allocated timeline/development team to manage yet.  We need to avoid going down that path, as it would affect timelines/goals if any such work needs feedback from this team.
    • How do we move discussion of these mockups forward quickly? In general, we need to find a way to move decisions along more rapidly in order to not hold up development 
      • Also we need to admit/be aware that we are resource constrained. Need to realize we don't have enough people working cross UI & REST, and some level of trust will be needed to let us all develop rapidly.
      • Mockups also need not be perfect, but we should work to ensure we agree on the main points/concepts in the mockups.  During development, we may notice some mocked up layouts/features could be improved (or require tweaks) and that's OK
      • More meetings? or more push to comment between meetings?
        • We may want to call more "ad hoc" meetings to discuss regular topics...anyone can call them and anyone can attend, but the goal is concentration on a specific topic/feature/need for feedback.
  • Next Steps
    • GOAL #1: EVERYONE work in Wiki Comments and/or Slack to provide (textual) comments/questions on the existing mockups.  Also, please feel free to attach screenshots (or alternative mockups) to wiki pages to show other "inspirational" UIs that we may want to borrow ideas/concepts/layouts from. This can be any UI from any product (e.g. simple upload processes for another web based UI)
    • GOAL #2: Next week we'll meet via Google Hangouts again (Aug 24 at 15UTC) to go through this feedback and attempt to finalize the mockups (at least enough so that development can begin). 
      • (Obviously we should all keep in mind that  institutions will be able to tweak the final UI for different layouts, etc)
    • Andrea Bollini (4Science) said he's open to having an additional meeting (prior to next week's meeting) to discuss feedback/mockups in more detail
      • Tim Donohue will try to attend, but in next week will be prepping for and traveling to the DSpace User Group Meeting in DC (at Georgetown on Aug 22-23). Still would like to see this discussion happen, if it's even just Atmire & 4Science team members talking more and working to enhance the mockups.
  • Quick updates: