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 from 14:00-14:15 UTC

Location: DSpace Meeting Room


  • First 1/2 of meeting was Sprint #2 wrap-up (Only summary notes were taken on this portion)

  • Second 1/2 of meeting was Development Planning with Development Planning Spreadsheet.



  • Sprint #2 Wrap-up Summary
    • Overall, sprint was good. Great to get to concentrate on DSpace 7 again
    • Great to see new faces / past participants jumping in and continuing to contribute!  Thanks Oliver GoldschmidtUnknown User (dingchavez) and  Bill Tantzen
    • 4Science team used Sprint #2 to also train some new staff on DSpace 7...hoping to add them as developers in near future.
    • Sprint #2 had less new tickets created (than Sprint #1), but still more effort than a normal week. Several major features had great development progress (and PRs are coming soon, in next week or so).
    • Sprint #3 is not yet scheduled.  But, it will be coming in Fall.  (Tim estimates sometime in September, cause much of the team is out off & on during August.)
  • Development Planning
    • We walked through the Development Planning Spreadsheet, adding recent status updates (Ended mid-way through the Authentication/Authorization section).
      • We should make this a part of every weekly meeting (last 10-15 minutes will be devoted towards Dev Planning Spreadsheet updates).
    • Work concentration in coming months.
      • 4Science team will not be working on DSpace 7 much during August (cause of staff holidays).  They will jump back on the project in September.  They may attend a few meetings nonetheless during August, but won't have significant time to devote to the project.
      • Atmire is working to "finish up" their efforts on Search & Browse within the next few weeks
        • Last major Search PR should be coming next week.  After this PR is merged, Search should be considered "done for now".  Obviously, there may be future improvements needed, but effort can move off of Search to other features.
        • Browse By functionality also finishing up in the next few weeks. PR coming in next few weeks.  There will be more features/functionality to add to Browse, but they are smaller features that likely could be claimed by a developer during a future Sprint.
      • 4Science will be working to finish up Submission & Workflow soon. 
        • Wanted to have it done by end of July.  But, still waiting on final updates / final approval for the Dynamic Forms PR:
        • Tim notes that seems unlikely, as that's next week.  So, ideally, they should get PRs (even without tests/docs) posted prior to August for testing / early review.  Then we can work to finalize & merge in September
      • Atmire is also starting to look at "Content Management" features (in Development Spreadsheet)
      • Atmire also starting to think about design of admin/user menus in new UI
      • Starting in September, 4Science is willing to contribute to whatever features need further effort.  No specific features should be "held" for them though.
    • Next week, there will not be an official meeting... but Art Lowel (Atmire)and Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)should touch base on the Dynamic Forms PR (if needed) and see if we can get that merged ASAP.
  • The Next Meeting will be on Thursday, Aug 2 at 14:00UTC (10:00am EDT) in DSpace Meeting Room