Scope note

Much of this documentation remains the same across VIVO releases, but some may not have been fully updated to the most recent release. While we will attempt to identify and alert you in such cases, please be aware that your VIVO may look and act slightly differently from what is represented here.


This document provides an overview of the data ingest process for VIVO.

  • The early sections describe some typical data sources for VIVO and the challenges often associated with multiple values, representing information that is only true for certain periods of time, and the like.
  • Later sections  describe different technical and workflow options for loading data into VIVO.
  • Some more specific examples are provided, but readers should expect to have to modify or extend examples to reflect their local data needs, the format of sources, and the depth of technical skills available to them, such as the ability to write or modify XSLT scripts

Other sources of information

How to plan data ingest for VIVO

How VIVO differs from a spreadsheet, where VIVO data typically comes from, cleaning data prior to loading, matching against data already in VIVO, and doing further cleanup once it's in VIVO

VIVO Harvester

Beyond the basics of data ingest: more about tools and techniques

Data ingest guides and workshop materials

Populating VIVO from Activity Insight (Digital Measures)

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