Its all about the process (Digger)

"Digging into the process"


  • Define and Document Development Process - group meeting
  • Create Testing
    • Local Test Environment ( - Nick
    • Continuous Integration (Hudson)? - LOW PRIORITY Stephen
    • Unit Testing (JUnit)? - LOW PRIORITY Dale


  • Clean up of Configuration Utilities - group meeting
  • Simplification of Design for execution - group meeting


  • create a initialize demo script - Dale & Chris
    • sets up folder locations designated in default configs
    • sets up database


  • Improve documentation of all VIVO Harvester Features.
  • Ensure all public and private methods and classes have JavaDoc Documentation.
  • Provide complete installation instructions - Dale and Chris
  • Document all configuration files and command line arguments


  • Clear up any warnings.
  • Resolve any TODO or FIXME tags.


  • Fix the spamming problems on the forums. - Jon (already working on it)
  • Introduce a bugtracker. - Dale
  • Introduce a task tracker. - Dale
  • Work with Jon on the mailing lists - Stephen

Virtual Machine

  • Add harvester to virtual machine - Narayan & Dale


  • Figure out how to reload model withot restarting tomcat - Stephen and Dale
  • Finish pairwise scoring - Nicholas and Yang
  • Create regex scoring - the Chrises
  • Must allow for parameters to be passed in from command line for any algorithm - Nicholas and Chris
  • Must allow for process flow and order depedency (possible solution is to pipe ouptut and run score multiple times) - Nicholas and Chris


  • Definition of VIVO to Medline Relationship of Publication Types (ie Article, Demo, etc) - Stephen & Nicholas