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NOTE:  We are now using GIT.  Please reference this guide for setting up, but not downloading the VIVO Harvester Source


You may want to read how the SVN Structure is organized before checking out. Check out the Trunk, Branches and Tags article for more information.

You may also prefer to use one of the Eclipse plugins for SVN.


  1. Ensure Maven is installed
  2. Checkout from SVN

    svn co harvester
  3. cd to trunk directory

    cd trunk
  4. Run to build

    mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies package


  1. Use -DskipTests=true to optionally skip tests while building, ie

    mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies package -DskipTests=true
  2. You can subsititue checking out trunk for the another branch, ie

    svn co harvester_branch-name