Its all about the testing (Evaporator)

"Evaporating all the bugs"


  • Fix all release stopper bugs
  • Score
  • Transfer
    • Add delete model before import flag
    • Allow for loading from an record handler


  • Implement Junit testing
    • Ensure Junit testing works


  • Build complete release script
  • Implement release process for Harvester
    • Create set of rules for staging
    • Create set of rules for commits
    • Create set of rules for packaging
  • Implement release process for Virtual Appliances
    • Create set of rules for updating
    • Create set of rules for releasing


  • Implement local Maven repository to deal with 303 bug in Maven.
  • Add rpm to maven build


  • Fix issues with vitural machines
  • Ensure virtual machine creation is done as part of release (find a way to automate/semi-automate?)

Documentation & Demoing

  • Ensure all wiki and other documentation is up to date.