Because a successful VIVO implementation requires engaging and informing the community, as well as managing development and data loads, detailed planning is critical. The more information you have going in, the more options you'll consider and the greater chance you will have of success. You can benefit from the experiences, knowledge, and best practices gained from other VIVO community members. The information in this section can help get you started and provide pointers to contacts in the community who are eager to help.

A VIVO Implementation includes ...

Project Management 

Managing a VIVO project can require everything from finding resources to facilitating the structure, mission and strategies. This section contains more details.

Outreach and Community Engagement

Your VIVO community includes many stakeholders and sponsors from across the institution -- communications are critical. See here for more information.

Data Management

VIVO is all about the data: where to find it, how to load it, and how to keep it as updated as possible. Learn more here.

Technical Development

Developers, programmers, system admins and other technical folks can start here for technical information about VIVO .

 Major Concepts in VIVO

To get you started, this page provides a streamlined version of the VIVO glossary.

The Big Picture

The following diagram shows you the tasks discussed in the pages above, organized by project phase and role. Use the links below for a quicker way to navigate to the information you need.

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