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A number of VIVO institutions license Activity Insight, a faculty reporting tool developed and supported through Digital Measures.  The faculty reporting process typically involves gathering both public and private data from faculty members, researchers, and/or adjunct instructors on their professional activities, teaching, research outputs, and research plans.  Not all of this information is appropriate to share publicly, and in many cases the reporting process is managed at the department or college level as part of the annual review process.

Since VIVO focuses on public, outside-the-firewall information about researchers, it offers a very different value proposition from typical faculty reporting tools. As a result, many institutions using Activity Insight also adopt VIVO as a way to share the public-facing information about faculty and research activities more broadly both inside and outside the institution.

This page will provide a locus for information about harvesting data from Activity Insight and adding it to VIVO, as a collaborative effort by people faced with this task at several institutions including Cornell, Old Dominion University, University of Maryland, and likely others.

Digital Measures offers its cliens an XML web service for exporting data.  The XML files retrieved from the service form the source for a methodology developed and used in production at Cornell.  This method was written up as A Generalizable, XSLT Based RDF Ingest Example for the 2013 VIVO Conference and provides a good starting point for discussion.



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