The VIVO Harvester was developed from 2009-2011 at the University of Florida by a team led by Chris Barnes in the CTRIP group.

Team members included:

  • Chris Barnes
  • Narayan Raum
  • Stephen Williams
  • Nicholas Skaggs
  • Chris Haines
  • Dale Scheppler
  • Yang Li

This team was responsible for the overall architecture including framing the steps involved in harvesting and working with VIVO developers at Cornell to provide direct and indirect connectors to VIVO through the VIVO application itself or to the underlying Jena-managed triple store in MySQL.

Vincent Sposato continued to provide support and instruction on the Harvester through 2012 including teaching workshops at VIVO Implementation Fests and Conferences.

Stephen Williams moved from the University of Florida to the University of Colorado around that time and continued to develop the Harvester through his employment there through the spring of 2013.

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