While development continues on the VIVO Harvester, documentation will be provided on how to set up the harvester. This documentation comes in the form of the readme and examples scripts released with the code, How-To Guides, and Case Studies. The method for creating these How-To Guides and Case Studies is a collaboration between the Interface Team and the Implementation Team at UF. The image below depicts the format that is followed when implementing and documenting a harvest method. Note that Library validation happens at every stage to insure outstanding data translation and qualification bugs are addressed.

  • Items that are changed between versions will get thier pages "versioned out" ie if in version 1.0 a page exists called match and version 2.0 a major rewrite is done of match. The authors must create a new page called Match 2.0 and rename Match 1.0. Match itself will redirect to Match 2.0 while older user documents like User Guide 1.0 will link to the older document.