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The NAAN Registry Working Group (WG) oversees the registry of institutions that have been given a Name Assigning Authority Number (NAAN), with which they can begin assigning ARKs. The work consists mostly of responding to requests for new NAANs, but also to requests for changes to existing NAANs. Effectively the WG is a team of volunteer curators whose work will be ongoing. Although the WG is not expected ever to be finished, composition of the curatorial team is expected to evolve year to year.


  1. NAAN maintenance. Create and refine processes that permit each NAAN request to receive a response within 48 hours (two business days).

  2. Policy. In consultation with the Advisory Group, develop policies for deciding which requests are appropriate for the ARK community. 

  3. N2T resolution support. The NAAN Registry is harvested regularly to supply vital redirection information to the N2T resolver. Work with the Technical WG to ensure stable, error-free harvesting of registry information needed for continuous and reliable resolution.


  • Kickoff: clarify objectives and decide whether to meet regularly (eg, once a quarter) or on an ad hoc basis

  • Create a policy document


  • A private github repository for maintaining the master registry (private because it contains personally identifiable contact information)

  • A public repository to host the official public registry and derivative files.

  • The NAAN Request form: 
  • The N2T resolver:

  • The Advisory Group and the Technical WG

  • General WG features common across ARKA working groups

Duty Roster

Here is the curator checklist (unless you are pre-authenticated at github, this link into a private repo will return a 404 error – a security "feature", not a bug).

April 2021BertrandJohn
May 2021Aurélien / ChloéJohn
June 2021BrianJohn
July 2021BrianAurélien / Chloé
August 2021MariaJohn

Working Group Members

Meeting Times

Teleconferences are 9am San Francisco time on the third Wednesday of each month. Connection details included in calendar invitations.

Communication Channels

Because this group handles personally identifiable information (PII), while anyone can send email to, the discussion archives at!forum/naan-registrar are closed except to group members.

Agendas and Notes

Generate new Agenda/Notes link

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