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new github repo (CDLUC3) went into place

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

bc: I should be at iPres if I can get a passport, 12-16 Sept; there still may be room for ad hoc submissions, eg, lightning talk about an ARKA WG's activities

Any news items we should blog about?

New NAAN repo:
ACTION: send note to list to remind people to contact Maria for another invitation if their invitation has expired

Followup on rights statement now at top of main_naans file:

Information in the published NAAN registry is dedicated to the public domain under the terms of CC0 [].

all: ok
Followup on new form processing status

Setting up github "project boards" as a way to process NAAN requests

Maria would appreciate some additional consultation from another WG member at some point

ACTION: Brian will consult with Maria

Proposal on WG leadership

NAAN Registry WG leadership proposal

Duty Curators – Primary and Secondary

Responsibilities (Primary or, if unavailable, Secondary):

  1. Handle NAAN requests
  2. Facilitate the monthly meeting (create meeting agenda a week in advance)
  3. Make sure the Duty Curator schedule is filled out at least two month ahead
  4. “Pass the baton” to the new Primary and Secondary at the monthly meeting (new)

Chair and vice-chair – provide continuity


  1. Manage googlegroup email list, lyrasis wiki accounts, and calendar invitations
  2. Be available as needed to the ARKA Advisory Group

All: this looks reasonable

Brian: I'm willing to be chair

Bertrand: good to pass the baton at the monthly NAAN meeting

Aurélien: I'm willing to be vice-chair; we may need an alternative to google products, which are hard to use in my organization

New terminology?  "An ARK organization" = "An organization that has a NAAN"
Initial response: ok to try out (before committing to it)

Action items