• Romuald Verrier
  • John Kunze
  • Maria Gould


Monthly team checkin.

Discussion items


Passed 1000 ARK organizations this month
jk: will  meet this week with UTSC library about their new ARK service (see code4lib article)

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings

jk: submitted ARK panel proposal for Dec CNI meeting
mg: ok to forward EOSC PID workshop to other ARKA working groups

Any news items we should blog about?
jk: will  work with rv on a community update blog post, with an  updated map

Action items from last time

  • John Kunze clarify and revise the checklist and policy docs to guide curators on use and encouragement of shoulders instead of NAANs; ask rv for feedback
  • John Kunze change contact form email to forward to Outreach

no  progress

Who is primary curator in the next few months?

next month: Bertrand/Maria

Action items

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