Onboarding new curator

Discussion items


ARK spec submitted to the RFC standards process
Welcome to new curator, Romuald Verrier

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

jk: The Texas conference of digital libraries will put together a session on ARKs, in case you wish to be involved
ac: Are there events in France?
rv: Since the pandemic, no big events that I know of

Any news items we should blog about?
Volunteer to do community update for February? Example here

jk: will draft blog about ark spec in RFC (IETF) standards process

ac: I  emailed the group a blog draft for the  community update
jk: we might consider putting it in the same format as the other community updates (or improving it)
ac: but where do the numbers come from?
jk: I'll work with you on numbers and getting an account to post the draft

Vice chair/vice facilitator for continuity?

jk: need a name for someone who handles things that aren't strictly the job of the primary monthly curator or meeting facilitator
rv: so we're looking for something like a secretary role that changes, say, ever 6 months?
jk: yes, and the burden should be light
mg: could the facilitator role, combined with this secretary role, be split out from the curator role and held for longer?
ac: we could use a list of all the things that need to be done
ACTION: jk to draft the list (eg, invite new curator as collaborator in private repo)

Demo for new curator

ac: can we reserve more than one candidate_naan in one edit?
jk: yes, that can save time and should be documented

ac: I will show rv how the NAAN curation process works

Action items

  • John Kunze draft list (eg, invite new curator as collaborator in private repo) of ongoing tasks for chair/secretary