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There is a known issue with updating newly created NAAN records. John Kunze will provide Maria Gould with the necessary information to fix the issue. 

Existing work around, directly update the record directly in the NAAN file. Any updates will not be published until there is a newly created NAAN created using the online form.

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

Any news items we should blog about?
Approaching close to 1,000 institutions. We should work on putting together a community update when we reach 1,000 institutions. Brian McBride 
Followup on new form processing status
CDL is planning to work on this project, no timeline for completion 

Setting up github "project boards" as a way to process NAAN requests

Maria would appreciate some additional consultation from another WG member at some point

Example of how ROR processes requests/updates



ARK Registry Assignment Handover 

Dates: May 19 - June 15   

Primary: Aurélien

Backup: Romuald

Action items

  • Brian McBride update calendar invite and zoom credentials 
  • Brian McBride will reach out to John Kunze to coordinate access to lyrasis wiki, google calendar, google groups, etc
  • John Kunze reach out to Bertrand Caron to find out if he is considering a paper/presentation/lightning talk for iPres
  • Maria Gould will create a NAAN-registry-bot for github and generic zappier account and share credentials with WG
  • Maria Gould will work on creating the zappier/github integration for the NAAN registry repository
  • Maria Gould will create some test examples 
  • John Kunze will share google ark account login information with WG
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