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The Technical Working Group (WG) oversees development and maintenance of specifications, software, and servers that support infrastructure for the ARK Alliance (ARKA) community. Examples include ARK standardization, code for counting ARKs, and global resolver replication.


  1. Standardization. Review the ARK specification so that the authors, who are WG members, can finalize it and submit it to the IETF for publication as an Informational Internet RFC.
  2. NAAN procedures. Adapt current CDL procedures for updating NAANs and registering new NAANs so that these maintenance activities can be shared by the community, eg, on github. (The NAAN registry that CDL currently maintains is a text file of globally unique 5-digit Name Assigning Authority Numbers (NAANs) reserved for organizations that wish to assign ARKs.)

  3. Global ARK resolver. Guide the development and hosting of the resolver.
  4. Counting ARKs. Work with the Outreach Working Group to implement mechanisms to measure ARK usage world-wide.


  • Kickoff: clarify objectives and assign roles for (a) standardization and (b) NAAN procedures designers; spec authors articulate areas they think are problematic

  • Recruit NAAN registry curators
  • Design and review '?info' inflection for returning human- and machine-readable metadata
  • Establish NAAN request form to generate NAAN entries at N2T
  • Submit ARK spec to IETF RFC process and respond to feedback with revisions
  • Prototype counting ARKs project


Working Group Members

Meeting Times

Teleconferences are generally held once a month, 08:00-09:00 San Francisco time, on the second Tuesday. Connection details included in calendar invitations.

Communication Channels, archived at!forum/arka-technical-wg

IETF discussion list:

Agendas and Notes

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