• Bertrand Caron
  • Aurélien Conraux
  • Maria Gould
  • John Kunze
  • Brian McBride
  • Chloé Pochon


Monthly team checkin.

Discussion items


Passed 1000 ARK organizations this month

First 3 NAAN candidates from West Africa
jk: will  meet this week with UTSC library about their new ARK service (see code4lib article)

Plugin developed to assign ARK ID for OJS 3.X.X (Smarty/PHP/JavaScript) : plugin available on Github @yasielpv . Documentation isn't easily available, some exam of the package should be reviewed to provide some needed improvements.

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings

jk: submitted ARK panel proposal for Dec CNI meeting
mg: ok to forward EOSC PID workshop to other ARKA working groups

December 13th : Rencontres 2022 de la donnée culturelle (Data Forum for FR Cultural Institutions) : one of the presentations will be the Louvre's Collections portal : the project, and the ARK permanent identifier attributed to each work displayed.

Any news items we should blog about?
jk: will  work with rv on a community update blog post, with an  updated map
Summary of the past month activities
  • 13 assignment requests, 4 update requests.
  • 11 new NAANs, 5 updates (2 through the curation form, 3 direct manual updates, as they were recent entries).
  • 1 pending assignment request: #55.
  • #54: test ARKs, regex in the registration form needs to be changed (I like regex but I did not dare to propose a new pattern myself!)
  • Bug in the update process through the curation form: for #57, I had to do it manually because the form tried to do a NAAN assignment and failed.
  • New request, but the organization already has a NAAN : #49. Be cautious not to assign a new NAAN; agents might forget one of their predecessors already requested a NAAN.
  • #46: though there is a doubt on which entity the NAAN is requested (does the provider requests it for a client organization or their entire system?), the warning in the answer is considered sufficient.
Communication on certain NAAN assignment process

When an issue arises, to have a discussion between all group members. 

  • email to requesters (Github is private)
  • the group email still exists
  • To adress issues of all kind (technical, or eligibility or else), the Github team group offers a way to notify the whole group @CDLIC3/naan-registry with a link to the specific request card 

Action items from last time

  • John Kunze clarify and revise the checklist and policy docs to guide curators on use and encouragement of shoulders instead of NAANs; ask rv for feedback
  • John Kunze change contact form email to forward to Outreach


Who is primary curator in the next few months?

next month: Chloé/Aurélien

Next meeting on Dec 21th.

Action items

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