The Advisory Group (AG) will provide a means for transitioning the ARK infrastructure (specification, NAAN registry) from the California Digital Library (CDL) to a community supported and managed activity. Planning is underway for an initial meeting of the group to review the goals, proposed timetable and roles drafted so far, as well as to launch working groups dedicated to pursuing objectives related to outreach, technical best practices, and sustainability. 

ARK Alliance AG members:

  • John Chodacki (California Digital Library)
  • Ricc Ferrante (Smithsonian Institution Libraries and Archives), alternate Martin Kalfatovic
  • Emmanuel Jaslier (Bibliothèque nationale de France), alternate Bertrand Caron
  • John Kunze, outgoing chair (Drexel University Metadata Research Center)
  • Brian McBride (University of Utah)
  • Mark Phillips, Chair (University of North Texas Libraries)
  • Kate Wittenberg (Portico)

Guided by the Mozilla Foundation’s Open Leadership Framework, LYRASIS and CDL constituted this body by reaching out to those organizations that filled out our Expression of Interest form.

Meeting Times

Teleconferences are generally held every other month, 16:00-17:00 UTC, on the second Thursday. Connection details included in calendar invitations.

Agendas and Notes

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