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Welcome to the DSpace Wiki! Please sign up and participate.

Although a few pages are 'locked' to prevent spamming, anyone who sign ups and creates an account can freely edit most of the DSpace Wiki. If you've forgotten your password, please visit the reset your password page.

Give DSpace a test run before you install it! is a live installation of the latest version of DSpace software.

This demo site is configured such that the maximum number of DSpace features is enabled, so that you can get a sense of all the various things that DSpace can do. We provide a variety of public logins (for various DSpace "roles") in the introductory paragraph of the XMLUI and JSPUI demo interfaces. 

Want to get involved?

Looking for ways to help out? Or, have ideas that you really want to see implemented in DSpace? See our guide on How to Contribute Ideas / Code / Documentation for some ways you can help make DSpace better for everyone!

If you are a developer and want to get your feet wet with DSpace, consider trying to tackle one of our unresolved, "low hanging fruit" tickets. They should be approachable to anyone who is newer to DSpace, and it'd be a great way to give back!


6.3 Release now available!

Find out what's happening in the DSpace Community.

Development Projects
  • Development Proposalssuggestions for changes, potential solutions to issues, etc.
  • Organizational ProposalsPlace for proposals around improving how we as a community or as a development team are organized.
  • Special Topicstopics requiring in-depth discussion and analysis from all interested parties
  • Frequently Asked ForFeatures which don't exist (yet)
  • Resolved ProposalsProposals that have either been resolved or identified as part of another project/proposal.
  • Retired ProposalsProposals that have either been retired or decided to not move forward on. These may contain details that still may be of interest in future proposals
  • Discussions ArchiveThe Discussions Archive contains various developer musings, ideas, historical tidbits.

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