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Version 9.0

Table of Contents:

Under Discussion for 9.0

The following is a (incomplete) list of features / priorities that are currently under discussion for the 9.0 release.  Features/ideas listed on this list are NOT guaranteed for 9.0 until approved/prioritized by the DSpace Steering Group.

Priorities for 9.0

To be decided.  9.0 is still in very early planning phase. Priorities have not yet been established.

Tickets & Pull Requests to review for possible inclusion

All potential tickets & pull requests may be found on our 9.0 Project Board. 

If there is a feature you wish to work on which is not on that 9.0 Project Board, please create a GitHub issue ticket to describe it (or find one if it exists) and contact Tim Donohue (via email or Slack) about possible inclusion in 9.0.

Keep in mind, even if a ticket/PR exists on the 9.0 Project Board, that does not guarantee it will be completed in time for 9.0.  All development & testing/reviewing is volunteer basedYou can help ensure a PR's inclusion by volunteering to help test or review the code! Any work that cannot be achieved in time for 9.0 will be rescheduled for a future release.

Organizational Details

Release Coordination

The 9.0 Release will be coordinated by Tim Donohue and the DSpace Committers.  

Updates and discussions will take place in weekly Developer Meetings.

Release Timeline

Please note that the dates below are estimates of when particular activities may occur. As there are many factors involved in a major release, these are subject to change.

DateMilestoneWhat it means
April 2025 (tentative)DSpace 9.0 is publicly releasedDSpace 9.0 is released for download and general use.

Release Process needs to proceed according to the following Maven release process: Release Procedure

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