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Charge of the DSpace Marketing Interest Group

The DSpace Marketing Interest Group (DMIG) began activities in April of 2015. The main purpose of the Group it is to define the right strategies to highlight the benefits of the open source solution for the Community and effectively communicate those to the users and potential users. The reason for doing so it is that the more people are aware of of such benefits the more people might be interested in financially supporting the project and in becoming Member/Sponsors of DuraSpace. This will allow the organization to keep investing in the project and advancing the software, making it more and more compliant with the ever-changing needs related to the repository world.

Currently the main scope of DMIG is to create a Marketing and Communication Strategy document: a complete analysis of the current DSpace landscape and, more importantly, a set of guidelines to define the future strategies and rationalise them.

The DSpace Marketing Interest Group is also working on a secondary scope: identifying specific actions that requires a shorter time to be made concrete. To make it possible, Working Groups are being created with individual work group charges and related documentation for action.

DMIG Membership

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DSpace Marketing Working Group 12-11-2019 

Sub-Working Groups

Telling DSpace Stories (TDS) Work Group

A key aspect of DSpace Marketing Interest Group efforts focus on growing our open source community and actively engaging its members. The Telling DSpace Stories Work Group (TDS) of the DSpace Marketing Interest Group aims to increase interactions and build deeper connections between community members and institutions by creating and publishing stories about their DSpace repositories. The stories will be generated from information gathered as community members from one institution interview members from other institutions. The DSpace stories will be published widely throughout the DSpace and DuraSpace communities to raise awareness about the global impact and reach of DSpace open access repositories, while encouraging other community members to participate in telling their DSpace stories.

More information can be found on the Telling DSpace Stories Work Group (TDS) page.

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