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Interest Group Objectives

DSpace Interest Groups are teams which form around a common interest. They are essentially discussion groups where individual meet to discuss common goals, use cases or ideas. Interest Groups tend to have the following properties:

  • Often they are ongoing, with no definitive start or end date. The interest group exists for as long as the common goal is relevant.
  • Often they have no definitive deliverables or output (other than meeting notes or recommendations to Project Teams or Working Groups)
  • They may establish Working Groups or pass off ideas to existing Working Groups (to achieve specific deliverables)

Existing Interest Groups

  • DSpace Community Advisory TeamThe DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) represents the interests of repository managers and administrators across the globe and, indirectly, DSpace end users.
  • DSpace Marketing Interest Group
  • DSpace Ambassador ProgramThe DSpace Ambassador Program seeks to identify a DSpace user in every country or region who is willing to volunteer to be a point of contact for organizations just getting started. These Ambassadors help new or potential users with general questions about DSpace as well as providing guidance on additional resources available in the larger DSpace community.

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