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Develop an engaged, inclusive, democratic, transparent, international governance group organized around a clear structure and model, including charters, relationships, and assessment guidelines.


  1. ARTICULATE The current governance process

  2. ADOPT onboarding process

  3. INVESTIGATE Viability of business model

  4. DEFINE Fiscal strategy

  5. DEVELOP A membership strategy and implementation plan (including risk assessment) that supports the financial sustainability of Fedora

  6. DOCUMENT metrics for assessing each of the governance areas

  7. Define Mission and vision statement

  8. DEVELOP A process for regular planning and review of Fedora strategy and the well-functioning of the Leadership Group.


  • Do "Start Here" items in "NOW: Governance" tab in FCREPO Strategy Template (link below) by November (not sure of due date)


Governance Subgroup Members

Meeting Times

The Governance Subgroup meets every two weeks on Fridays at 3pm Eastern Time (US).

Communication Channels

  • The Governance Subgroup of the Fedora Vision & Strategy Task Force will report back to the Task Force via the Fedora Leaders Group meetings.

  • Notes of meetings will appear below

Agendas and Notes

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