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Attending: Jennifer Vinopal Scott Prater Robert Cartolano Emily Gore 

Guests: David Wilcox Laurie Gemmill Arp Arran Griffith Robert Miller


Zoom Link:



Review of Action ItemsRosalyn

Organizational Home Costs

Alternative models and ideas.

Goal: Brainstorm ideas for discussing potential changes.

Laurie Arp and Robert Miller

Fedora Training Program

We have discussed in the past that Fedora could generate revenue by developing a training program.  We could also use this to provide benefits to our members.  Laurie, David, and Arran will join us to talk about the training program they are developing and how it might fit into our goal to diversify revenue streams.

Goal: Brainstorm models for charging for training.


Developing a Member Prospectus

At our last meeting we talked about creating a member prospectus.  

  • What are the benefits that we get as part of our relationship with LYRASIS?
    • Clarify these benefits with Laurie so that we can provide more information in a member prospectus.
  • Review of potential member benefit list developed by Jennifer Vinopal 
    • [Link to List of benefits and services goes here]
  • Who writes the member prospectus.  Should this group? Is this something we can punt to the Communications group?

Goal: Identify next steps for developing a member prospectus.



Next steps. Action items.


Fedora training

David on charging for workshops:

  • 2-3 a year
  • special topic workshops (migration, installation), etc
  • $75/$100 member (Fedora)/non-member registration fee
    • maybe $100/$125?
  • Lyrasis has done some free, short trainings this year (not in person)
  • Archivematica, BitCurator charge;  some different models (multiple day workshops)
  • Keep Intro session fee?
  • Incentivize membership:  offer a course for a individual at a member institution
    • short consultation service offer for new members?
    • Swag!
    • GoFundMe model (tiered perks)
  • they're well attended

Organizational Home Costs

Developing a Member Prospectus

Fiscal sponsorship:  Jennifer Vinopal compiled list of fiscal sponsorship services Fiscal Sponsor/Affiliated Community Models: Benefits & Services

  • What does the project need to be sustainable (people, activities, resources, etc.?)
    • That then can be expressed in $$$
    • what does the community need…then what does the leadership team need to satisfy the community…and then what type of support , i.e. LYR need to offer. We have a entire portfolio of potential offerings. That can be tailored

    • TODO: Leaders:  where do you think Fedora is going?
      • becoming in API?
  • What is the value proposition to retain members?  Why do members leave?
    • How can we stop members from leaving?
  • Fiscal Sponsor responsibility to help think through these questions
    • Lyrasis can help identify trends in general, and as they apply to Fedora
    • Fiscal sponsor and organizational homes are different
      • fiscal sponsorship is more limited;  org home is more holistic
    • Lyrasis offers different services to match needs of different groups
    • Cut costs, and bring in new funding (two-pronged approach)
    • Is there a list of core vs. optional services FS provides?
    • What are core services, how many of them are overhead, and what are the costs?
      • what are optional, can perhaps be dispensed with?
    • TODO:  Lyrasis:  what is mapping between services and costs?
    • TODO:  Lyrasis:  prepare proposal for options for services: less, same, and more
    • Lyrasis:  offers to distinguish needs from wants
  • Tiered services possible from Lyrasis, based on size, needs of group?
    • How to fail gracefully (help with building up, building down)?
    • Example:  maintenance mode for Fedora org
      • reactivate when money comes in
    • How to build up (from one person devoted to a project) to an organization?
      • Examples:  SimplyE, ORCiD
    • Reputation management
      • Institutional users
      • Lyrasis
      • Open source – alternative to proprietary models
        • failing open source project is an indictment of all open source projects

Time to re-examine Fedora where it is, where we want to go, with fresh eyes, (like a project in an incubator state)(?)

Consensus:  we need to figure out where we are going, based on needs of community

Action Items

  • Fedora Leaders:  where do you think Fedora is going? How do we find out where community wants to go?
  • Lyrasis:  what is mapping between services and costs?
  • Lyrasis:  prepare proposal for options for services: less, same, and more
  • Jennifer Vinopal start a potential list of benefits and services
  • Rosalyn Metz email Laurie Gemmill Arp and see if we can get her to come to our next meeting on Friday April 16th, 2021 at 3pm
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