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The Fedora strategic plan is developed and maintained by the Fedora Leadership Group as a roadmap for Fedora. It is divided into four major areas of focus: Product Technology; Product Position; Communication, Outreach, Marketing, and Community; and Governance and Business Model. These are subdivided into areas of activity that call for attention and action, including a desired future condition for each, with goals to be accomplished in now, soon, and later timeframes. These goals are intended to bring us closer to the desired future conditions. 

Each major area is stewarded by a sub-group that develops and maintains an action plan which details how work will be done over a six month period to accomplish the “now” goals and set us up for the “soon” goals. At the end of each six month period the Fedora Leadership Group meets to review our progress and update the roadmap for the next six months.

2020 Priorities

  • Product Technology: Identify requirements and coverage needed for testing Fedora 6; outreach to recruit testers
  • Product Position: Having completed the product position white paper, this sub-group will go on hiatus
  • Communication, Outreach, Marketing and Community: Develop and execute Fedora communication plan
  • Governance and Business Model: Develop and execute plan to retain and grow Fedora membership and community engagement


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