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Attending: Jennifer Vinopal  Emily Gore Rosalyn Metz 

Guests: David Wilcox Laurie Gemmill Arp Arran Griffith Robert Miller

Regrets: Scott Prater Este Pope Robert Cartolano 

Zoom Link:



Review of Action ItemsRosalyn

Organizational Home Costs

Alternative models and ideas.

Goal: Discussion of possible options

Laurie Arp and Robert Miller

Developing a Member Prospectus

At our last meeting we talked about creating a member prospectus.  

  • What are the benefits that we get as part of our relationship with LYRASIS?
    • Clarify these benefits with Laurie so that we can provide more information in a member prospectus.
  • Review of potential member benefit list developed by Jennifer Vinopal 
    • [Link to List of benefits and services goes here]
  • Who writes the member prospectus.  Should this group? Is this something we can punt to the Communications group?

Goal: Identify next steps for developing a member prospectus.



Next steps. Action items.


Action Items

  • Fedora Leaders:  where do you think Fedora is going? How do we find out where community wants to go?
  • Lyrasis:  what is mapping between services and costs?
  • Lyrasis:  prepare proposal for options for services: less, same, and more
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