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Supported initiatives may be called affiliated communities, projects.


  • fiscal:
    • accounting
    • budgeting
    • payroll
    • billing
    • taxes
    • audits
    • training for community treasurers
    • business model development
  • legal: incorporation, contract review, liability, compliance, multistate compliance, insurance
  • HR:
    • benefits
    • hiring
    • compliance
    • community staffing models: community staff are staff of parent organization
  • incubation (parent may subsidize community for a time until it can become self-sustaining)
  • strategy development
    • consulting
    • strategic retreats
  • practical/admin
    • purchasing tools/services on behalf of the communities
    • professional services (consultants, trainers, etc.)
    • documentation, records management/retention
  • training
  • coaching
  • facilitation
  • event support
  • Fundraising:
    • grant management, incl: writing, review of community grants, fund management
    • donor development and management
  • mission alignment among communities
  • best practices for community development, engagement, and management

Fee models (may be combined):

  • percentage revenue
  • flat fee
  • fee-for-service
  • Examples:
    • Code for Science & Society takes 15% of community revenue (JV didn't ask about additional fee model)
    • Educopia takes $20,000 flat fee for core services + additional fees for à la carte services (fee structure still being worked out)
    • Lyrasis takes ~43% of Fedora expenditures + additional fees for à la carte services (unclear what the services and fees are - question for Laurie/Robert)

Values to consider:

  • transparency
  • mission alignment
  • thriving communities
  • leave without penalty
  • who owns what, including: IP for code & documentation, listservs, website, materials, contacts, donors


What Lyrasis provides Fedora:

  1. Business infrastructure: provide an organizational and legal home including elements such as licenses, banking, mail/check deposit management, financial management, and human resources.

  2. Financial management: coordinate accounting and financial reporting services such as maintaining a separate Fedora Bank Account; providing quarterly financial reports; collaborating with Fedora Leadership and Steering on annual budget development and oversight throughout the year; and disbursing funds in accordance with budgets as approved by Fedora.

  3. Program infrastructure: provide tools to facilitate community collaboration that may include but not be limited to wiki space, website, project tracking, video conferencing, and event registration.

  4. Membership Coordination including Global Membership Recruitment: work with governance on membership value proposition; conduct global membership outreach and engagement; coordinate renewal/outreach campaigns; and manage renewal process including invoices and tracking progress. 

  5. Business Development: work with governance on developing new revenue sources and providing support for the LYRASIS Service Provider Program related to Fedora.

  6. Staffing: LYRASIS is responsible for recruitment, hiring, firing and supervision of staff. The specific percentages of time for the roles below will be determined via the annual budget process. 

    1. Technical Leadership – includes technical coordination, development and technical support to advance and continue to improve the software

    2. Program Leadership – includes providing oversight of Fedora development, coordinating and advocating for the technology roadmap; leading community outreach and engagement; and coordinating and participating in governance and working group meetings

    3. Executive Leadership – includes senior LYRASIS staff engaged with overall strategic endeavors, sustainability planning, management of Fedora staff and program. LYRASIS senior staff will participate in governance and has one vote on Fedora Leadership/Steering Groups.

Additional Lyrasis for-fee services may include:

  1. Legal consultation: contracting with attorneys for legal services on behalf of Fedora

  2. Execution of contracts: LYRASIS can represent Fedora’s interest in negotiation, execution and administration of contracts consistent with the guidance provided by the Fedora Steering Group

  3. Event support: assistance with logistics related to Fedora events beyond registration and promotion

  4. Grant support: assistance with the application for and administration of grant funds


"Reimbursements include dedicated allocated staff salaries and benefits, amounts paid on behalf of Fedora, and LYRASIS's Indirect Costs (IDC). IDC is calculated based upon 42.3% of Fedora Operating expenses. All of these costs are included in the Fedora Annual Budget. The balance (or “surplus”) of Fedora revenues that remain in the Fedora Account after reimbursements are withdrawn shall be used to fund initiatives of the Agreement in accordance with budgets and other business initiatives approved by Fedora. For any fiscal year where there is a deficit in the Fedora Account, such deficit will be carried forward and applied against Fedora income in the next fiscal year."

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