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Attending: Vinopal, Metz, Prater, Gore, Cartolano

Zoom Link: See invitation




Membership Model Proposal

With the current state of membership renewals, it has been proposed that changes need to be made to the current membership model to ensure recurring income. Through extensive discussion, 3 proposals were generated to assist with short, medium, and long-term actions. 

Membership Model Brainstorming Meeting

Goal: Identify a method for moving forward long-term actions for improving Fedora's business model.



Next steps. Action items.


How do we diversify our revenue streams?

  • We can't have a homogeneous revenue stream, what are other ways that we can gather money.
    • grants
    • services
    • membership
    • donors (maybe? is this really possible)
  • Migration services - this was something orgs mentioned they would be interested in during the IMLS Planning grant.
  • Consulting services - is this something that orgs need or do they need this higher up the stack?

What are the benefits that organizations get for membership?

  • This is essential for us to continue to keep members.
  • Perhaps discounts on services

What are the benefits that we get as part of our relationship with LYRASIS?  How can we can communicate these benefits more broadly?

  • Grant support; our 42% helped us get the IMLS grant this year.
  • What is the plan for this coming fiscal year?

What are some strategies that we can employ to rethink our business model?

  • Reaching out to folks outside the Fedora community that have thought through these things. e.g. Katherine Skinner
  • Employing focusing on the ITAV Framework to help us work through these issues.
  • Reaching out to folks who have experience in open source software outside of the libraries' context. e.g. Kaitline Thaney

Action Items

  • Rosalyn Metzcheck in with Laurie Gemmill Arpto better understand what LYRASIS centralized services are available to the community and how we can better plan for future benefit and communicate to our community.
  • Rosalyn Metz check in with Kaitlin Thaney about potential conversation.
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