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The Outreach Working Group (WG) oversees development of the ARK Alliance (ARKA) community, as well as the promotion of awareness, understanding, and adoption of ARKs, the only major persistent identifier scheme that is open, decentralized, non-siloed, and non-paywalled.


  1. Campaign strategy. Develop a process to gather requirements, priorities and models for shared community and infrastructure management (eg, consider using the ARK community survey draft created by the BnF).

  2. Communications and Marketing. Clearly articulate what ARKs are, how they can be used, and why they are essential (the “value proposition”) and implement a plan for promoting their adoption and use.  Examples include creating an “ARKs brochure” website using the domain name, keeping a world map of ARK assigning organizations updated automatically via geo-locations in the NAAN registry, organizing events such as the 2018 ARK summit, spreading the word in international conferences, etc. 

  3. Counting ARKs. People want to know how many ARKs there are in the world (as ARKs can be assigned without permission from a central assigning authority), and some organizations may opt to let us harvest stats from them about how many ARKs they have assigned. Work with the Technical WG to (a) draft requirements for simple summary counts that ARK assigning organizations can voluntarily post and maintain, (b) specify how those counts, once harvested, should be publicized, and (c) recruit organizations to opt in.


  • website and blog

  • newsletter and wikipedia page

  • tie in with wikidata
  • guide to getting started with ARKs

  • plan for community to transition from v18 to the v34 specification

  • confluence wiki oversight to support working group activities
  • creating canned presentations, slide shows, webinars
  • recruiting translations of existing documents
  • assembling tool resource guides to promote ARK software (eg, OJS plugin)
  • representing ARKA on NDSA and IIIF working groups


Working Group Members

Meeting Times

Teleconferences are generally held once a month, 16:00-17:00 UTC, on the fourth Thursday. Connection details included in calendar invitations.

Communication Channels, archived at!forum/arka-outreach-wg

Agendas and Notes

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