• Bertrand Caron
  • John Jung
  • Maria Gould
  • John Kunze


Combined Nov/Dec WG meeting

Discussion items


bc: there's an Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) Annual Meeting at BnF on December 7. About 30 people, with a tutorial on JHOVE and an Advisory Group meeting.

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

  • CNI pre-recorded briefing

jk: today is the deadline to submit to the CNI pre-recorded briefings and the Code4Lib pre-conference workshop proposals; Donny Winston and I submitted a proposal for a three-hour pre--conference workshop at Code4Lib on ARKs. This is the first time we've tried to do a training session, deferring until there's adequate tooling.

The group talked a bit about the benefits and drawbacks of remote talks. People often complain about remote conferences, but there seem to be real benefits, if for no other reason than remote conferences not requiring any travel time. Some miss the smaller, informal, f2f discussions, but not the big sessions. For this reason, it seems like adding a new video presentation about ARKs to the ARK website might be a positive side-effect of the doing a pre-recorded briefing.

Any news items we should blog about?

University of Toronto Scarborough post is done, IIIF blog post is done.  The community update is in prep, and the newsletter is due out on December 11.

jk: asking for feedback on the recent blog posts; are they interesting and aimed at the right level? Are they technical enough, or too technical?

mg: might be good to brainstorm a list of topics available for the coming year so that we can sketch out different topics for the blog, and possible timings. Then as a group we can figure out who has the bandwidth for each topic.

bc: framalists (french arks-forum) going to remove posts older than 12 months
jk: move to another platform?
bc: don't know yet; we're looking into saving an archive

Code of Conduct Draft discussion

please provide feedback by Dec 9; draft is available at

Both Maria Gould and John Jung were able to skim the Code of Conduct, but there were no detailed comments.

Outreach planning beyond Twitter (Mastodon?)

currently reserved:

ok to store twitter archive at github?

Should we migrate from Twitter to something else like Mastodon? There seems to be no emergency now, but it seems good to be aware of possibilities for moving things. Neither Maria Gould or John Jung were able to make a recommendation here. There's lots of overhead to managing yet another social media identity; might be good to prepare by looking at other possibilities such as linkedin.

OK to archive past tweets at github.

stickers revisited

Option 1: Gold lettering on a white background. "ARK Alliance" above the ARK logo, "" below.  All type is in gold.

Option 2: Same as option 1, but gold logo and type is on a black background.

Option 3. Same as option 1, but with black type instead of gold.

Bertrand Caron said that he thinks that the contrast is better on a black background. Maria Gould mentioned that the colors of option 2 look a bit like the San Francisco Giants logo, and also a bit halloween-ish. John Jung said that he preferred that the logo be used in a consistent way in different places- since the website uses a white background, it makes sense that the logo use a white background too.

mg: good point about consistency
jk: white background it is
mg: is the font the same as the website?
jj: would be good to match the font that's on the website if possible
mg: sticker font looks a bit basic/simple; would like to see it with website font; ideal would have consistency
jk: same font both above and below (hostname) the boat?
mg: i'd try out the same font above and below the boat
jj: agree, good to minimize the number of font changes

working group home page cleanup

  • tidy up 3 years of meetings
  • revisit objectives, deliverables

jj: fine to re-org the older meeting notes
mg: no strong feelings either way

Action items

  • John Kunze try new white-background sticker with website font (black lettering)
  • John Kunze re-org old meeting notes under past years
  • John Kunze  plan for WG homepage renewal