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Donny Winston some outreach (not necessarily related to ARK but it was mentioned) done for FAIR Data Podcast ( 

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

Donny Winston  will go to the 1st FAIR Digital Objects Conference in Leiden. 

Any news items we should blog about?

New WG member John Jung
Welcome to John, programmer Analyst at the University of Chicago Library! Among other things, John works on minting ARKs and IIIF.
New ARK service U of Toronto Scarborough

Article published on Code4Lib about a new "EZID-light" service which contains its own resolver. 

John Kunze will reach out to them and see if they can be involved in the ARK Alliance.

Some stickers version 2 (beta) starter ideas


jr: hex-shaped stickers are better than circular stickers

John Jung: 3 or 4. Perhaps we should add something on the sticker that states that this is about persistent identifiers? I have access to Adobe Illustrator if that helps

dw: could  add URL into the boat to be more compact, but I don't feel strongly; like adding "persistent ids"; maybe try adding words on side of ship for compactness; maybe using ark:99166 (organizational NAAN) as a self-referential ARK for the ARK Alliance?

Maria Gould : Combination of 4 (ARK Alliance above) and 3 ( below), but not separating the url like in 5.

jj: I like that the boards have a gap at the bow, to make it a 3d object

dw: incidentally, why don't we use the "arks" topic ("github topic") in our github repo, like does? (the "ark" topic gets lots of stuff that would not work well for us)

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