• Omo Oaiya, Maria Gould, John Jung, Ricc Ferrante


Interest in ARKA from new regions and domains

Discussion items



Welcome to newest members:

  • Jack O'Malley, Frick Collection
  • Omo Oaiya, WACREN
  • Lesley Frew, Old Dominion University

jk: welcome Omo (and Jack and Lesley in absentia)
oo: very glad to be here and to represent the West and Central African Research Network

rf: Internet Archive lawsuit setback regarding controlled digital lending during the pandemic; Smithsonian is very interested because it relies on IA; about one third of our accessions are harvested from the web
rf: I will be at iPRES in September; the CfP for IIPC is out, and IIPC has approached SI to do a satellite event; SI looking to be a site for IIPC in 2026, this could apply to ARKs and tie in with possible ODU work

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

two more ARK tutorial proposals submitted and one poster (IDW)

Action items from last time

  • digging up video playlists related to ARKs (jj)
  • creating blog templates to speed up blog content creation (rf)

rf: blog template sent out as Word doc; structured as a set of questions to ask organizations; could start with new members to the Outreach group, maybe target new ARK orgs; we could ask these questions periodically
mg: want to echo Rick's suggestion of starting within our group, and later the broader ARK Alliance; don't think the distinction between new and old is so important
rf: are you thinking email only?
mg: yes, as a first round, since I for one don't have time to set up interviews; again should start with our friends within ARKA
rf: I think that's right
jk: agreed

jj: as for the video playlist, I did google searches for videos, eliminated false positives, set up alerts to be notified of new videos; so far just looked in youtube for content, but could extend to vimeo and other platforms; only issues were some sound quality and poor captions
rf: could mine the video producers for blog posts
jj: my current video list is pasted into zoom chat:

ARK persistent identifiers come of age: 21 years, 1035 institutions

Persistent identifiers in IIIF Webinar Presentation

Of ARKs and Ontologies

INCIPIT: An Archival Resource Key (ARK) Allocation Service in Switzerland

TCDL 2022 Session 3G | Persistent Identifiers: Using Archival Resource Keys to keep it together

Archival Resource Key (ARK) Persistent Identifiers Come of Age: 21 Years, 1000 Institutions

ARK (Archival Resource Key) Persistent Identifiers, DeSci Boston 2022

OK? (captioning innacurate, sound clipping- I had some trouble understanding the speaker.)
Association of IIIF and ARK Protocols - 2021 IIIF Annual Conference

What are Persistent Identifiers? (mentions ARKs)

ARK Summit Keynote, 2018, BnF, Paris.

ARKs in the Open: 3.2 billion Persistent Identifiers

Integrations with ArchivesSpace Webinar Series: ArchivesSpace and ARKs

Getting running with ARK persistable identifiers

New expressions of interest in ARKA and discussion

  • outreach opportunities
  • strategy for 2024

rf: for 2024, we should nail down our social media strategy
    wikidata is huge and getting a ton of interest -- we could prioritize it
jj: i'd like a more clear articulation of the ARK value proposition
    if i were to put together a blog post
    my personal goal and group goal ** offer to **
rf: should figure out a way to measure how effective is our outreach
    eg, how long does it take for people attending a tutorial to get to using arks
    I'll try to bring more thoughts on this to the meeting

Action items

  • Riccardo Ferrante will share a googledoc on blog template for collaborative editing
  • John Kunze will make sure John Jung has access to youtube channel
  • John Jung will come back with a recommendation after reviewing the playlist and youtube channel more