Discussion items



bc: broken link issue is still being investigated at BNF

jk: wordpress has built-in link checker.

dw: alternative we may use as a static site:

mg: we can and should add other extant videos on youtube to the ARKA channel

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

  • 2023-02-28 IIIF Outreach Meeting

8am PT/ 11am ET/ 4pm UK/ 5pm CET

Call Connection Information:

bc: La Contemporaine willing to have blog post written about their situation. John Kunze to work on draft with Bertrand Caron 

jak: planning to join IIIF outreach calls. Perhaps Julien Antoine Raemy will attend as well but not sure. 

Outreach WG homepage renewal draft – round two

Revisions to be continued

mg and bc: open to using Discord, good to have a non-email-based discussion
mg: prefer Slack, but free version has limitations
dw: me too; we could investigate Zulip and Discord

Procedures for dealing with and outages

  • where should documented procedure reside?
  • who can act as back up for troubleshooting? is it a rotating position?
  • communicating about outages:
    • internally – who to tell?
    • externally – who to tell? what to include in the message? Example: the Feb 14-16 outage
      • arks-forum mailing list, twitter, mastodon, other?

mg: these are considerations that need to be raised with the advisory group in terms of expectations around personnel resourcing and how service available is communicated 

Temporary meeting frequency reduction (every other month)

  • unless someone wants to fill in

Group agreed to modified frequency. John Kunze to modify calendar invitation.

Previous action items

Add detailed changes to spec transition?

Action items

  • John Kunze start to add playlists to ARK youtube channel, eg, to CNI, Louvre, and IIIF presentations
  • John Kunze Bertrand Caron work on draft of La Contemporaine situation (when the situation settles?); is there a DNS trick that could work?
  • John Kunze look into Discord and Zulip to possibly ease our cross-group communication
  • John Kunze modify calendar invites to reduce meeting frequency to every other month