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On February 28, 2017, we held a DuraSpace Hot Topics webinar to discuss the latest activities of this Working Group, with details from both the Angular UI and REST API subteams. The slides and video of that Hot Topics webinar are available at

We've also provided a high-level summary of current status (based on the webinar) at: DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary

Scope & Objectives

The goal of this working group, led by Tim Donohue, is to create a new, single User Interface (UI) for DSpace that implements all functionality currently available in JSPUI and XMLUI.  The UI will interact with DSpace core data through a completely new REST API to insure complete separation of the user layer from the data layer. This working group is split into two subteams: an Angular Subteam, led by Art Lowel (Atmire), which is concentrating on building a modern, responsive, client-side user interface using Angular and a REST API Subteam, led by Andrea Bollini (4Science), which is concentrating on building a new REST API based on state-of-art technologies, standards and best practices.


Implementation of the User Interface and the REST API with code delivered on GitHub along with documentation on how to use, install, and extend the interface.

UI: Angular (demo site:

Angular Subteam is facilitated by Art Lowel (Atmire)

REST API Subteam is facilitated by Andrea Bollini (4Science)

Angular UI Code

Developer Resources

REST Technology / Code

REST Contract 

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

  • Meetings: We meet every week on Thurs at 15:00UTC (11am EDT), alternating (every other week) between text chat meetings (on Slack) and Google Hangouts. Anyone is welcome to join these meetings.
    • Upcoming schedule can be found on the DuraSpace Public Events Calendar (iCalRSS Feed)
    • Meetings typically last only one hour (first 1/2 hour concentrates on Angular UI updates/discussion, and the second 1/2 hour on REST API).
    • Meeting notes are all available below.
    • Google Hangouts 
      • Please be aware our Google Hangouts attendee limit is 25 individuals. While we usually do not get close to that limit, if you have a larger team that wishes to attend, we ask that you consider calling in together (e.g. from a shared conference room).
  • Slack: Between meetings, we encourage usage of Slack to keep in touch and ask questions. If you have not yet joined the DSpace Slack, you may request an invite. All are welcome on Slack.
  • Email: We use standard DSpace lists to communicate updates, meetings, etc. Early on, we are primarily using dspace-devel (our developers mailing list) and Slack for these communications. Once we get further along, regular updates will also be announced on dspace-community (and other lists).

The facilitator for the Angular 2 UI subteam is: Art Lowel (Atmire)

The facilitator for the new REST API subteam is: Andrea Bollini (4Science)

How to install locally

Please be aware that this all is work in progress and will change often. As we did not release any version (neither an alpha or beta version) yet, there is no stable state to which we can refer to. Nevertheless let us give you some short hints on what you can do to install your own local version:

  • Install DSpace 6, create some communities, collections and archive some items. As DSpace 7 is still work in progress it will be good to have some test material in place.
  • Shutdown you servlet container and undeploy all previous DSpace UIs
  • Compile the current master ( and run ant update as usual
  • Deploy the webapp dspace-spring-rest as dspace-spring-rest (if you use another path, you may want to change the index.html file withing the webapp)
  • Start your servlet container and take a look into its logfiles
    • If you have problems deploying the webapp in cause for slf4j and log4j, it may be necessary to delete [dspace]/webapps/spring-rest/WEB-INF/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.7.22.jar
  • Test if dspace-spring-rest was loaded successfully by opening it in a browser. You can compare it to the demo linked above.
  • Install dspace-angular. You can try it as described in the OR2017 DSpace Angular Workshop or take a look into the in the dspace-angular git repository.

Next Meeting

Thursday, September 7 from 15:00-16:00 UTC (11am-12pm EDT) in Google Hangouts:

  • Discussion / approval of Search Mockup
  • Updates on latest efforts (either Angular UI or REST API)

Meeting Notes

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