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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)



  • Brief updates:

  • Meeting today will concentrate on Search UI mockups from Atmire: Search Mockup

    • Art presents an overview of the work
    • Everyone seems to like the design overall. Positive feedback.
    • Some questions on managing Community/Collection scope as Facets.  Will this still allow us to provide different facet/filter configurations per Collection?  General thought is that it should still provide that configuration option, and Andrea agrees with this approach overall
    • Autocomplete of does this work with the advanced search techniques (e.g. - sign to represent "not")?  Autocomplete is only for exact matches...if you start typing a "-" it wouldn't be triggered. In other words you can also facet on free text searches in this design
    • Several folks like the grid layout, see that as being potentially popular.  May want a configuration option to make it the default (for sites that want it or that have a lot of good thumbnails/images).
    • Atmire asks that everyone take the next week to review this in more detail, add in comments (preferably inline wiki comments) on designs, and we can work towards final approval next week.
  • Updates to MyDSpace / Submission dashboard designs from 4Science
    • MyDSpace as a dashboard
      • Still questions around whether a table is the best display here
      • Could we consider changing this display to be similar to the Search UI?  Treat Collections and Status as "facets" (like in Search results)?
        • We could even consider not displaying this in a table, and instead using the Search results display (with an icon to represent "status" and a button to allow you to "claim" a task).
      • Andrea proposes working on the backend (REST API) now, but waiting on the Angular UI part until the Search UI is complete/mostly complete. Then we could reanalyze whether it'd be possible to reuse those components.
    • Submission wizard
      • Design has been updated to show visual (icon) feedback on what sections/fields are required to be completed before the submission can be finished.
      • No major comments here. Development could begin
  • Next Steps
    • Everyone review/comment on Search Mockup. Want to decide on this next week. 
      • Also advertise this to DCAT & Outreach.
    • Development on Submission wizard will begin.
    • Backend (REST API) development on MyDSpace as a dashboard will begin. However, we'll wait on frontend until we can reanalyze whether Submission UI components could be reused in this display.