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Angular meeting



Slack Logs (times are all CDT)

Tim Donohue [9:44 AM]
@here: Reminder that our DSpace 7 Working Group meeting is at the top of the hour in Slack. For the first 1/2 hour we'll be in #angular-ui talking Angular updates. The second 1/2 hour we'll be in #rest-api talking REST API updates. All are welcome to join us, or catch up later. As always, more info & all past mtg notes are at:

Tim Donohue [10:01 AM]
@here: It's time for our weekly checking on DSpace 7 progress. As always, we'll start with Angular UI updates in this channel. @art-lowel, would you like to take the lead?

Art Lowel [10:01 AM]

These are the PRs that have been merged since our last meeting:

The collection home page:


The full item page:


Test and docs for the item page:


The addition of types to rest resources:


And the changes to travis builds to prevent timeouts during tests:


That’s a lot more than average, so good work everyone :y:

Tim Donohue [10:03 AM]
Yes, excellent progress this week! Thanks to @lotte, @rivaldi8, @art-lowel and @wwelling

Art Lowel [10:03 AM]
Lotte is making progress with the DSO list task, I expect there to be a PR early next week

Afterwards we can create the collection and community browse pages which are the final large pieces of the puzzle still missing for browse

Tim Donohue [10:05 AM]
Awesome to hear! Yes, I'd love to see the hierarchical browse make it in by OR2017, if it's still possible. I realize though we are now only a few weeks away though

(So, admittedly, I don't know if that timeline is doable...thoughts?)

Art Lowel [10:06 AM]
apologies, my slack froze there for a minute

I think browse should be doable by OR yes

the hard part was the list element

when that’s done, it’s basically configuring it for the specific pages

that’ll be simply browse by title at first

don’t know if we’ll get anything else done

Tim Donohue [10:07 AM]
Sounds great then. I think we still need Community Home page too, of course (thought hopefully that's very similar to Collection homepages)

Art Lowel [10:07 AM]
Yes it should be

I left it unclaimed for now to see if @rivaldi8 wanted to claim it :slightly_smiling_face:

but if not I’ll ask lotte to work on that when she’s done with the dso lists

Tim Donohue [10:08 AM]
(Note: I think rivaldi8 isn't in Slack yet...we may want to ping him via GitHub and/or invite him to join us in Slack)

Art Lowel [10:09 AM]
He _was_ on slack

the fact that his name no longer autocompletes may mean he’s closed his account (edited)

or that he’s changed it

Tim Donohue [10:10 AM]
huh, maybe he did. Well, we can ping him via GitHub I guess. I'm not seeing his name here in the list anymore either way

So, were there other updates to add in here, @art-lowel ?

Art Lowel [10:10 AM]

I saw you reviewed that PR of mine that adds support for embedded resources


did you get a chance to test it again after I added instructions on how to?

Tim Donohue [10:11 AM]
(Sidenote: Oh wait, my apologies, rivaldi8 *is* here in Slack. He's @alexm in here) (edited)

Art Lowel [10:12 AM]
Good news :slightly_smiling_face:

Tim Donohue [10:12 AM]
I have not had a chance to re-test PR#99. Honestly though, It looks good codewise, so if it's holding anything up, I'd say merge it. I may not get back to testing it until tomorrow at the earliest

Art Lowel [10:12 AM]
I see there are merge conflicts on that PR now

I’ll fix them ASAP

Tim Donohue [10:12 AM]

Art Lowel [10:13 AM]
is there a way to get notified of them automatically?

Tim Donohue [10:13 AM]
Not to my knowledge. That'd be a nice feature of GitHub though

Art Lowel [10:13 AM]

So I’ll fix the conflicst verify that the AoT build and the tests still work, and merge it

Tim Donohue [10:14 AM]
Sounds good to me

Art Lowel [10:14 AM]
because it is a prerequistie for the switch to the live rest backend I’m working on atm

Tim Donohue [10:15 AM]
Yes, I don't want to hold that up :wink:

Art Lowel [10:15 AM]
Here you can find a branch that’s mostly working:


Andrea Bollini [10:15 AM]
:slightly_smiling_face: you have anticipated my question

Art Lowel [10:15 AM]
However bitstreams on item pages don’t work yet

because bitstreams are currently a property of an Item, they’re not considere realted resources by the rest api

e.g. if you look here:


You’ll see that bitstreams are not in the `_links` and `_embedded` sections but, like metadata, bitstreams is a direct property of an item

Andrea Bollini [10:16 AM]
ohh I haven't noted yet!

Art Lowel [10:17 AM]
so that wasn’t purposfully done that way?

Andrea Bollini [10:17 AM]
no by me :slightly_smiling_face:

Tim Donohue [10:17 AM]
Sounds like a bug then :wink:

Art Lowel [10:18 AM]
Good, because it would save me some issues if I didn’t have to account for that :slightly_smiling_face:

Andrea Bollini [10:18 AM]

we need to agree about the relation

item -> bitstreams ? or item -> bundles -> bitstreams ?

Art Lowel [10:19 AM]
yeah, we discussed bundles briefly last week

Andrea Bollini [10:19 AM]
we can also change later, but for OR we need to decide one of the two

Art Lowel [10:19 AM]
I also added a comment to the Jira ticket about that


to recap: I don’t mind that bundles are now a field on bitstreams

but we have to ensure that we don’t lose features in the process

such as the primaryBitstream property

Andrea Bollini [10:20 AM]
I know that most out of there are in favor to remove bundle... but I'm a fan of them

so, for me it makes perfect sense to keep them in place as first citizen, this should mean to have bundles inside the item and not directly the bitstreams

Art Lowel [10:22 AM]
I have adapted the UI to the fact that they’re gone now, but it wouldn’t be hard to change back

Tim Donohue [10:22 AM]
That's fine by me for now. I wasn't meaning to imply we should remove them now. Perhaps this is a decision we should wait on (i.e. leave them in place as a first class citizen until we are sure we have a better plan) (edited)

Art Lowel [10:23 AM]
yeah, because I like the idea @mdiggory added to that ticket

to consider bundlenames to be something like s3 buckets

Tim Donohue [10:23 AM]
And that seems to be how the mockups treat Bundles here:

Art Lowel [10:23 AM]
but that would probably lead us too far right now

Andrea Bollini [10:23 AM]
(I haven't noted the comment... unfortunately I was not watching the ticket... my fault)

Tim Donohue [10:24 AM]
So, my simple question here is... is this something we can "solve" quickly (in some way) prior to OR2017?

I'd really like to have bitstreams "working" at least at some level

Art Lowel [10:24 AM]
The quickest way to solve it right now (for me anyway) is to leave bundles out

but we do have to add bitstreams as a relation, not a property

Andrea Bollini [10:25 AM]
on the rest side it will take the same time and yes, we will definitively have a relation (_link) in place here

Art Lowel [10:25 AM]

and then I’d just leave that ticket open, or another place to discuss the issue so it gets handled properly eventually

Tim Donohue [10:27 AM]
So, what should be our plan for OR2017 then? Just create a new ticket about the relation (_link, etc) bug, and get that resolved ASAP? And then leave bundles to post-OR2017?

Art Lowel [10:27 AM]
That’s what I proposed yes

Tim Donohue [10:28 AM]
Does that sound reasonable to you @bollini? Is the relation bug solvable quickly? Or do you need to look at it more?

Andrea Bollini [10:28 AM]
ok. Just a note my intent was to use the rest-api half hour to plan for OR

Tim Donohue [10:28 AM]
Ok, well, we are almost into that 1/2 hour anyhow :wink: So, we could move this discussion over to #rest-api, if you wish

Andrea Bollini [10:29 AM]
yes, just in case other want to check

Tim Donohue [10:29 AM]
Ok, let's do that. Moving over to #rest-api now. I'll let #dev know as well

Andrea Bollini [10:29 AM]
oh sorry, @atarix83 probably want to say something about his tickets

Giuseppe Digilio [10:30 AM]
only one thing, I think to start working on maybe early next week

Tim Donohue [10:31 AM]
@atarix83 : thanks for the update on that. Sorry to cut you off

@art-lowel : see above final update

Art Lowel [10:31 AM]

REST meeting



Slack Logs (times are all CDT)

Terry Brady [10:08 AM]
I will be unable to attend today. I have been working on DSpace 6 issues exclusively this week.

Art Lowel [10:29 AM]
There are a few other missing relations I noticed while connecting the UI to the backend (edited)

Tim Donohue [10:31 AM]
@here: Ok, we're moving into the REST API portion of the meeting now

@bollini, did you want to kick off this portion of the discussion?

Andrea Bollini [10:32 AM]
Sorry to have missed last meeting but I'm in a 2-weeks in line conferences period

Tim Donohue [10:32 AM]
Yes, it's a busy conference period :wink:

Andrea Bollini [10:32 AM]
(BTW very exciting staff at euroCRIS and IIIF)

that said, I should be able to have a working implementation of the browse endpoint late this night or tomorrow

it works but I'm not completely happy with it... it introduces the concept about link repository that are explained in the wiki


the issue here is that it uses reflection and can be improved a lot with "smart" behaviour

I'm just worry about implementing something to much in advance...

I want to propose to give to it a fast look, create issues about what we want to achieve but put the code in the master so to have the additional endpoints soon

Tim Donohue [10:37 AM]
I share the worry of "over designing" something before we have a good sense of the entire picture. So, this sounds good to me. If we find a way to improve it later (via refactor or similar) we can do so then

Andrea Bollini [10:37 AM]
more endpoints we will go to define more clear will be our needs (I think / hope)

ok, so the plan is to have the browse endpoint (based on the Browse API/ SOLR) out of here this week

Tim Donohue [10:38 AM]

Andrea Bollini [10:39 AM]
after that we can immediately start to add new relation, following the discussion in #angular-ui the top priority are the bitstreams

it should be ready in a couple of days, so before next meeting

Tim Donohue [10:40 AM]
I notice that @art-lowel mentioned "other missing relations" (above)... @art-lowel did you want to briefly mention those and/or create tickets for them (so they can be tackled after bitstreams)?

Art Lowel [10:40 AM]

Just a thought I had on bitstreams first: is it already possible to download them via the new rest api?

so our thumbnails can work for example

Andrea Bollini [10:41 AM]
not yet but it can be put on the list

Art Lowel [10:41 AM]

Tim Donohue [10:41 AM]
So, do we want to take a quick step back and talk OR2017 timelines / goals?

As that might help in prioritizing these

Andrea Bollini [10:42 AM]
@art-lowel have other missing relations to list I think

Tim Donohue [10:43 AM]
Ok, if you want to list them quickly, Art. We can do OR2017 goals next

Art Lowel [10:43 AM]
ok so:
the collection logo relation

items only seem to have an owningCollection, not a complete list of mapped collections

I also don’t see a community relation on collections ← but I’m not 100% sure about that one, because I merged in the collection homepage minutes before this meeting started, I may have simply missed a collection that had parent communities

Those are the relations that _do_ something in the UI atm and would be useful to have

Andrea Bollini [10:45 AM]
ok. You are right, all are missing

they depends on the concept that I'm introducing with the browse

as they are something that I want to retrieve querying instead to get immediately from the object

to have a more "lazy" approach

Art Lowel [10:47 AM]
but then we’d have to retrieve them to show an item or comm/coll homepage for example

if we get the option to ask for them, and they’re not included by default, I’m fine with it

Andrea Bollini [10:48 AM]
yes, this is the intent to have a projection parameter

Art Lowel [10:49 AM]
is that working on the demo already?

Andrea Bollini [10:49 AM]
no, it can be implemented only after to have the link repository concept in place

Tim Donohue [10:50 AM]
These are the projections you are talking about, right?

Andrea Bollini [10:50 AM]
is it necessary for OR or should you deal with separate request?

@tdonohue yes, this is the skeleton of the idea

Art Lowel [10:51 AM]
before OR we need some way to get those related resources

adding a projection to the URL shouldn’t be too much of a problem

but if you’re unsure projections can be finished before OR, adding them as hardcoded relations is also fine

Andrea Bollini [10:53 AM]
what do you mean by hardcoded? can you hardcode the endpoint without the need to have them exposed in the _links section?

Art Lowel [10:54 AM]
no, I mean to add them to the default set of fields/relations you get without specifying a projection

Andrea Bollini [10:54 AM]
mmm... this could be complex on my side. Essentially it will mean to have the projection support in place

Tim Donohue [10:55 AM]
There's no easier way to simply add in the relations as _links, without fully implementing projection?

Andrea Bollini [10:56 AM]
yes but they will no go in the _embedded

Art Lowel [10:56 AM]
that’s not an issue

it would be nice

but it’ll work without it

Andrea Bollini [10:57 AM]
ok, so this is our safe solution for OR

I assume that the mapped collections are not a crucial relation here

Art Lowel [10:57 AM]

Andrea Bollini [10:58 AM]
ok so I try to summarize with a list of task

Tim Donohue [10:58 AM]
go for it

Pinned by Art Lowel
June 8th at 11:03 AM Pinned by Art Lowel
Andrea Bollini [10:59 AM]
1. browse (support for linked relations)
2. bistreams linked from the item
3. bitstream download
4. more real-like demo database
5. community from the collection
6. logo from community and collection

Art Lowel [11:00 AM]
I’d bump logo up to position 4

Tim Donohue [11:01 AM]
I was going to say the opposite. Logos to me are optional. They'd be nice, but if they are "working yet", we can put in a placeholder image (instead of a broken one) and say they are coming soon

But, I think we need real-like data...and community references from collections (for a breadcrumb)

Art Lowel [11:01 AM]
ok, but currenly it’s a broken image, that issue isn’t fixed yet :wink:

Tim Donohue [11:01 AM]
Yes, I'm just saying there's an easy workaround for logos, if it comes to it

Art Lowel [11:01 AM]

Tim Donohue [11:02 AM]
So, I say :+1: to @bollini's list & ordering of it

Andrea Bollini [11:03 AM]
how can we pinup the message so that we have it in evidence?

Tim Donohue [11:03 AM]
And as we are now "over time", to quickly note what I'd *like* to see by OR2017 (we can touch on this again next week):

Art Lowel [11:03 AM]
uploaded this image: Pasted image at 2017-06-08, 6:03 PM
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Tim Donohue [11:03 AM]
1. It'd be nice to have a hierarchical browse (communities to collections to items)

Andrea Bollini [11:03 AM]
@art-lowel thanks!

Tim Donohue [11:04 AM]
2. It'd be nice to be able to download bitstreams in that browse

3. If possible, displaying logos & thumbnails would be nice...but not required by any means (can explain around it)

That's pretty much it at this point. I think it's all about getting hierarchical browse "functional" enough to demo

So, that's where my expectations/hopes are for OR2017. We can touch base next week though on progress. I think the lists we have for REST API & Angular next steps move us towards those goals

Andrea Bollini [11:05 AM]
ok, last question: do you think that is appropriate to update the demo with code from PR to show the new endpoints soon?

Tim Donohue [11:06 AM]
I don't see why we don't simply merge the PR into master & update the demo. But, either way, yes updating the demo is fine, as long as @art-lowel is aware it's coming

Andrea Bollini [11:07 AM]
I'm thinking at it as a temporary solution to work faster on the OR goals

Art Lowel [11:07 AM]
are there any changes that break backwards compatibility?

Tim Donohue [11:07 AM]
(Oh, and I forgot in my list for OR2017... implied in that list is that the Angular UI will be "hooked up" to the demo REST API)

Andrea Bollini [11:08 AM]
nothing except the bugs that will come in just after have said that

Art Lowel [11:08 AM]
ok, then I guess it will be fine

Andrea Bollini [11:09 AM]
@art-lowel the fix for the CORS headers work for you right? (edited)

Art Lowel [11:09 AM]
yes, thank you

Tim Donohue [11:10 AM]
Ok, are there any last thoughts/questions here? Any concerns over what to try to achieve this week?

Art Lowel [11:10 AM]
Not from me, and I have to run to a different meeting, so I’ll say goodbye

Andrea Bollini [11:11 AM]
ok for me too

Tim Donohue [11:12 AM]
Thanks all! Please ping me if you need my help/feedback (and I'll try and help test Angular PRs as they come in, as best I can)

Andrea Bollini [11:13 AM]
ok keep in touch here on the progress