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Angular meeting



  • Waffle board:

  • Tim will be out next week (at a DuraSpace all staff retreat/meeting), May 8-12. Will be available via email and may occasionally pop onto Slack. But, mostly offline for the week.

  • Discussion of resources. Currently resources are less than ideal. Committers team split between getting DSpace 6.1 out the door and helping on DSpace 7.  Steering Group is aware, and we are recommending working to get 6.1 released ASAP to hopefully free up those resources to chip in on DSpace 7

    • Also worth noting again that Texas A&M will be doing a sprint on Angular UI in early June
  • Art created a PR with REST services & links/relationships. Persistence model now stored in cache.

  • Lotte (Atmire) is close to finishing up an Item view page. PR likely coming tomorrow and will be based off Art's PR #87 (see previous bullet)

  • These two PRs (#87 and Lotte's) will need immediate review/testing. If no one is able to review/test before next week's meeting (May 11), Art will merge them to allow the Atmire team to move along to other views (e.g. Collection and/or Community).
  • Art will create more tasks in Waffle Board (especially for Community view)
  • Art will look into 4Science REST API demo site, and test it with the Angular UI work. We'd like to be able to point the Angular UI work at this demo for OR2017, if possible
  • Guiseppe question: He's working on the pagination component. Wanted to know if we should/could move to using FontAwesome?
    • Should we consider using this:
    • Art: Unclear if we need that new module/package at this time. We might be better off starting with just using FontAwesome CSS directly...if we find we need something more, we can reconsider or switch over to 'angular2-fontawesome' or something similar.
  • OR2017 Discussion
    • What will be ready in time for OR2017?
      • Main browse components should be ready. This includes Item, Collection and Community homepages
      • Browse-by listings (e.g. Browse Community/Collection hierarchy) may be limited, unless we can get pagination completed.  Hopefully they will be ready though
      • Ideally, the Angular UI work should be hooked up to the demo REST API by OR2017. This would also let us show off the REST API's HAL Browser
      • In early June, Texas A&M will have a sprint (just prior to OR2017). Hopefully they could help us polish up the application as it exists, and maybe add a little more (homepage? sidebar?) if there's time.
      • Essentially, the demo at OR2017 may be around the same level of complexity as OR2016's "proof of concept".  However, the platform is much more "production ready" than that proof of concept was, and the REST API has been highly enhanced underneath.
    • Sessions at OR2017 that will touch on DSpace 7 work:
  • After OR2017, we also plan to hold a second Angular UI training session in Washington DC (at Georgetown) in August. There's a DSpace User Group meeting in the works that should be announced in coming weeks.

REST meeting



  • Andrea Bollini (4Science) had an unexpected conflict come up and won't make the meeting. He sent his updates via #rest-api Slack channel:
    • I'm still working on the browse endpoints and the generic search endpoints to enable query methods on existent endpoints (i.e. topCommunities). 
    • It will be useful to check if the current demo website has been checked from the angularUI team and in this regards if there are any feedback on the current endpoints (community, collection item)
  • No other updates to report at this time. Other team members are helping get DSpace 6.1 out the door.
  • Closed the meeting early