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Angular meeting



Slack Logs (times are all CDT)

Tim Donohue [9:52 AM]
@here: Reminder that at the top of the hour is our DSpace 7 Working Group meeting. This week it will be in Slack again (starting in #angular-ui for Angular team updates, and then in #rest-api for REST team updates). As always notes will be posted to

Tim Donohue [10:00 AM]
@here: Welcome all to the weekly DSpace 7 Working Group meeting. As our Angular team lead, @art-lowel, is still on holiday in Australia (hope he's having fun!), I'll lead the Angular team updates for today.

First off, here's the Angular Team waffle board of tasks (current and upcoming):

There's not a ton of updates this week, but there is one *very important one*...namely, @wwelling has been working hard to update our Angular UI to Angular 4 (latest version)

Specifically see this PR:

And I see that both @atarix83 and @sulfrian have already been reviewing the code and providing feedback. Thanks!

As noted at OR2017 (for those who were there), this is an important effort to get us up to date on the latest version of Angular (and simplify some areas of our codebase)

@wwelling : is there anything else you wanted to note about this? Do we just need a few more final reviews/tests, or is there more work outstanding on this ticket?

William Welling [10:04 AM]

I just finished fixing all the lint errors and am debugging the pagination issue we are discussing on the pull request.

Tim Donohue [10:05 AM]
Yes, I see you stumbled on the (known) pagination bug ticket:

So, is the plan to possibly fix the pagination issue in this same PR?

Giuseppe Digilio [10:06 AM]
the problem is different from that issue

William Welling [10:07 AM]
Yeah, not the same issue. New issue, is likely to be due to dependency upgrades.

Tim Donohue [10:07 AM]
Oh, I see now (sorry, still catching up on the recent comments in the PR:

William Welling [10:07 AM]
Will have it resolved shortly.

Tim Donohue [10:07 AM]
Ok, sounds great

So, once this PR is ready for a re-review, @wwelling , can you let us know (either via GitHub or Slack, either works)? Then we can see if others can give it another review/test so we can get this work merged quickly (if possible) (edited)

William Welling [10:09 AM]

Tim Donohue [10:09 AM]
Thanks again!

So, looking again at our Waffle board ( the highest priority right now is to definitely get us upgraded to Angular 4

So, any help reviewing/testing the final PR would be appreciated (once it is ready)

Our "Ready" column is looking a little light...there's a few tasks there to pick up. But, I'm also going to move over a few other known bugs (from Backlog) that were discovered just before or at OR2017.

namely and

Waffle APP [10:12 AM]
*Tim Donohue* moved DSpace/dspace-angular#122 from *Backlog* to *Ready (to be worked on)*
#122 the community page shows all the collections instead to show only its child collections
Ready (to be worked on)

Open in Waffle

*Tim Donohue* moved DSpace/dspace-angular#121 from *Backlog* to *Ready (to be worked on)*
#121 Detail page for an item without fulltext is broken
Ready (to be worked on)

Open in Waffle

Tim Donohue [10:12 AM]
And there's the tickets I just moved over :wink:

there also are a few pagination bugs listed in the backlog I see.... #120 and #124. If anyone wants to move these forward while we are talking pagination issues, I'm OK with it as well

So, I'll put them in "Ready" too

Waffle APP [10:14 AM]
*Tim Donohue* moved DSpace/dspace-angular#120 from *Backlog* to *Ready (to be worked on)*
#120 The pagination component lists explicitly all the pages
Ready (to be worked on)

Open in Waffle

*Tim Donohue* moved DSpace/dspace-angular#124 from *Backlog* to *Ready (to be worked on)*
#124 Refresh or deep linking to page of pagination not supported
Ready (to be worked on)

Open in Waffle

Tim Donohue [10:15 AM]
And #124 *might* be directly related to

So, we now have a few more tasks in the "Ready" column for this week (for anyone who is looking for ways to contribute). I'll gladly add more tasks into the "Ready" as needed (just ping me if necessary), but these seem like a good area of concentration

Are there any other updates and/or questions that anyone else would like to share here?

Tiago Ferreira [10:18 AM]
Great Tim! Me and Neki's team are going to take a look on the board an d see what we can work on

Giuseppe Digilio [10:19 AM]
some issue like should be done after angular upgrade is completed I think

Tim Donohue [10:20 AM]
Oh, welcome @tiago.ferreira! I missed that you had joined us. For everyone else, Tiago is at Neki, one of our Brazilian service providers. They are hoping to get more involved in DSpace 7. So, we welcome your involvement, @tiago.ferreira and let us know if you have questions! (Slack or GitHub are often the best places to ask questions in between meetings)

@atarix83 : I agree. the highest priority right now is to finish up the Angular 4 upgrade (and get it merged). Once that is merged, the stuff in the "Ready" column should be done based on Angular 4

(but in the meantime, individuals are welcome to start looking at what is in the Ready column, etc to prepare any work)

William Welling [10:22 AM]
Pull request will be ready for review soon. Hopefully before lunch.

Tim Donohue [10:22 AM]
Thanks again for all the hard work you've put in on this, @wwelling! Glad to hear it'll be ready soon

Ok, any last questions or updates for the Angular UI team? (If not, we can move over to updates from the REST API team shortly)

Tiago Ferreira [10:23 AM]
Thanks and wish we can join the effort as quick as possible

Tim Donohue [10:25 AM]
Ok, I'm not seeing anyone typing, so I'll assume that's all for Angular UI updates. As a reminder, we will now all switch over to the #rest-api channel, and get updates from the REST API subteam

So, I'll see you over in the #rest-api channel

REST meeting



Slack Logs (times are all CDT)

Tim Donohue [10:25 AM]
@here: Ok, it's now time for REST API team updates. @bollini, are you available to update us on the REST API efforts?

Andrea Bollini [10:26 AM]

yes, it is a fast update... no much progress so far :disappointed:

we have worked internally to setup a better test environment for the rest and the angular part without affecting the public demo

Tim Donohue [10:27 AM]
It's understandable though. I know it's often hard to get much done just after OR2017 (as it's such a major conference, and so many people tend to have holiday or other work to catch up on just afterwards)

Andrea Bollini [10:28 AM]
we should complete the check agreed last week about the rename of the bitstream retrieve endpoint by tomorrow

so to align the current master to the code running on the rest demo

Tim Donohue [10:29 AM]
(Could we link in tickets here if you have them handy?...just for folks who haven't attended these meetings recently)

Andrea Bollini [10:29 AM]
with the "best" solution that don't break the angular demo

I will look to it


Tim Donohue [10:30 AM]
As a sidenote for folks just joining us. The REST API team is working off of the main DSpace/DSpace codebase (`master` branch). So, all PRs for the REST API appear in the normal DSpace PR area

And REST API PRs are scheduled for milestone 7.0 (obviously)

Thanks for that link, @bollini

Andrea Bollini [10:31 AM]

Tim Donohue [10:31 AM]
I'll have to cleanup that list of PRs...or find a better way to flag the REST API ones. I now realize we have some other PRs listed there :wink:

Douglas Okubo [10:32 AM]
joined #rest-api

Tim Donohue [10:33 AM]
@bollini : maybe I'll create a new label just for the REST API work...that'll be an easier way to filter the list of PRs to those specific to the DSpace 7 REST API

Andrea Bollini [10:33 AM]
we can add a rest-api label if useful

Tim Donohue [10:33 AM]
good minds think alike :wink:

Andrea Bollini [10:34 AM]
As said unfortunately I haven't other update. The plan is still to realign the sourcecode with the running code on the demo rest, complete the work on the "search" endpoints and fill the documentation with the latest additions (edited)

Tim Donohue [10:36 AM]
Ok, no worries, @bollini. Is there a logical place that we'd like others to contribute (i.e. other tickets that are "ready" to be claimed, and/or a priority of next tasks).

I'm wondering if we need to find a way to achieve a "waffle-like" board for this REST API note priorities and get others involved easier. I know as of yet though we've done tickets in JIRA

Andrea Bollini [10:38 AM]

Tim Donohue [10:39 AM]
Oh, and for PRs, I just created a "REST API v7" label (and attached it to a few REST PRs):

That's right, in JIRA we have "Component: new-REST" for the open REST API tickets. My mind was playing tricks on me today

Andrea Bollini [10:40 AM]
we still need to put more issues on JIRA, cleanup some existent issues that could be considered solved

Tim Donohue [10:41 AM]
Here's a shorter filter of all "REST API v7" open tickets:

1 reply 4 days ago View thread

Andrea Bollini [10:41 AM]
and add details to other... it will be also useful if anyone can create issue related to existent functionalities that need to be exposed over the REST API so that we can work on that list to add details

Tim Donohue [10:43 AM]
Try that link again...I think this should be a "public" filter now:

Matheus Silva [10:43 AM]
joined #rest-api

Tim Donohue [10:44 AM]
Does that link work for everyone now? It should provide a list of all open tickets tagged with Component="new-REST". This is the list of known endpoints that still need to be implemented for the DSpace 7 REST API.

Giuseppe Digilio [10:45 AM]
it works

Tim Donohue [10:45 AM]
So, again, individuals wanting to help out can review & claim a ticket here and submit a PR to implement that ticket

Andrea Bollini [10:46 AM]
I will have 3weeks of leave from the last of July

so I will try at least to put as much as possible issues on JIRA

Tim Donohue [10:47 AM]
Obviously, in order to allow specific features to be built into the Angular UI, we need to first create the necessary REST API endpoints. So, it's important to try and get others involved in creating REST API endpoints to help keep Angular work moving along :wink: (And I plan to try and get more existing DSpace Committers involved in coming weeks, if possible)

Andrea Bollini [10:47 AM]
and cleanup the documentation / rest contract so that anyone interested in join can learn more over the summer

Tim Donohue [10:47 AM]
Thanks @bollini, that'd be appreciated if you can get everything documented & tickets available before your leave. That way I can continue to help drive things forward

Andrea Bollini [10:48 AM]
I want to remember that we have an huge area where we need help: the test framework

this is something that I will left behind due to time constraint but it will be very useful and more effective to put in place early than later

Tim Donohue [10:49 AM]
Is the test framework open for suggestions/proposals from anyone? Or did you have any other specific ideas in mind?

Andrea Bollini [10:49 AM]
I have just noted some options in the ticket but I'm not an expert on that so anyone with time is more than welcome to look to it (edited)

Tim Donohue [10:50 AM]
Ok, so it sounds like suggestions/proposals from others are more than welcome. If anyone is interested in this area, please let us know, and/or add comments to that ticket on your ideas.

Thanks for bringing that up, @bollini.

Are there any other updates / questions / comments for the REST API team?

Ok, I'm not hearing any. In that case, we'll close up today's meeting.

Thanks all for attending / helping DSpace 7 move forward! We'll talk to you again next week at the same time, and I'll send out reminders (as usual on these channels & the #dev channel)

(Next week we'll try and do a Google Hangout, since we need to get back to alternating between Hangouts & Slack)

@bollini : Just a quick note. I've "synced" the names of the GitHub label & JIRA component for the new REST API. Both are now named "REST API v7". I've also updated the filter: