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Angular meeting



We use #angular-ui in Slack as a backchannel (e.g. for sharing links, etc). If you haven't yet joined Slack, request an invite at

  • Not as much to report this week, but we have 4 open PRs that need review/merging
  • REST Services:
    • Only feedback from Antoine so far
    • Uses REST mockups, but is pulling data
    • Needs final review / merger
    • Tim: In essence of time, we likely should start to "trust" this early work. Merge it quickly, and log tickets later if we find flaws / bugs that need resolution.  Otherwise, we slow down the development process
    • James: agrees that this should likely be merged if it is pulling data successfully
    • ACTION: Art: will check one last time with Antoine to see if he has this working. If so, will merge it
  • Yarn:
    • Hardy tested on Linux. Art tested on OSX
    • Seems to be working well, waiting on a test on Windows.  Tim volunteered
    • ACTION: Tim will test on Windows and merge if working.
  • CI Testing:
    • Waiting on resolution of "concurrency" vs "npm-run-all". We want to avoid having two dependencies that do the same thing.
    • Matteo noted issues with getting "concurrency" working for this PR
    • Art suggests possibly just moving to use "npm-run-all" everywhere. We can use this instead of "concurrency" if it is working better.
    • ACTION: Matteo will look at using "npm-run-all" throughout our package.json and remove "concurrency" as a dependency.
  • Spinner PR:
    • William Welling said he'd review this PR code. But he's at code4lib conference this week.
    • Tim: Let's table this until next week. At next week's meeting we should make a decision on this PR. It's been open/stalled for too long now.
      • Either, we merge it immediately and create a new ticket to discuss how the Spinner could be improved (in the future)
      • Or, we get immediate feedback on how to rewrite/refactor it now, so that we can move this forward ASAP
  • Side Discussion: How are these meetings going? Alternating between Slack & Google Hangouts. Weekly meetings, etc.
    • Positive feedback. The weekly touchpoints are good (keep us on task). Facetime every other week also good for bigger discussions.
    • Seems to be working well, and we'll continue with this structure.
  • Andrea asks about his idea to put "" URLs in the Browser URL/History.

REST meeting



We use #rest-api in Slack as a backchannel (e.g. for sharing links, etc). If you haven't yet joined Slack, request an invite at

  • RESTContract - Not much progress since last week
  • However, Andrea created a new RESTContract PR as a proposal for the main README.
  • New REST code (in 'dspace7' branch of main GitHub repo)
    • Metadata hierarchy representation PR:

      • Concerns: very hierarchical. Concerns about whether this is too complex for our needs

      • Art: Can we deal with metadata fields like any other object, via UUIDs?  (Tim agrees this might be easier)
      • How does Fedora and other systems deal with metadata updates via REST?
    • Terry now contributing to code! Docs getting improved based on his feedback. Good progress
    • Pagination PR:
      • Waiting cause it makes some significant changes to API that could conflict with "master". Otherwise the code does look good
    • ACTION: We need a concentrated effort to fix the build/CI testing issues on 'rest7' branch. The sooner we do so, the sooner we can move all development over to "master". The longer we keep this a separate branch, the more likely we'll hit difficult code merges
      • Andrea had a call for help. He may be able to tackle, but may need support
      • Tim offered support...may not have time to lead the effort, but knows the Maven build process fairly well. Is able to help with Questions/issues (at a minimum)
  • Wrap up: Thanks to everyone for your hard work here. Next week's meeting via Slack.

  • Next Meeting: Thurs, March 2 at 16:00UTC via Slack

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