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The Book Solution Pack module allows for the creation of a book object, and the ingesting of page objects into that book.

Book Structure

  • Collection
    • Book object
      • Page object 01
      • Page object 02



Release Notes and Downloads


Creating a Book

  1. In a new or existing collection, go to the Manage tab, click the Collection tab, and select the 'islandora:bookCModel' content model. Click "Update Collection Policy."
  2. In the Manage tab, click "Add an object to this collection" and select "Book Content Model."
  3. Fill out the Book MODS form with descriptive metadata for the book.
  4. On the next page, there is an option to upload a PDF of a book. Use this option if you don't have separate page images to upload. The Book content model can create separate page objects from a multi-page PDF.

    1. To skip this step and create an empty book object, do not upload a PDF.

  5. Click "Ingest."

Adding Pages to a Book

  1. Go to a Book object's Manage tab and click on the Book tab.

  2. To add a single page, click "Add Page." To add multiple pages, click "Add zipped pages."
    1. Zipped pages will be added in the order they appear in the zipped directory.
    2. Pages can be either JPG or TIFF format.
  3. Under "Language", select the book language for OCR or select "Do not perform OCR."
  4. Browse to the page or pages to upload.
  5. Click "Ingest." The pages will be added and derivatives created; this may take awhile for many pages.

Managing Pages

Once pages have been added, you can view them on the book's Pages tab. To manage pages, go to the book's Manage tab and click the Book tab. From this tab, you can create a PDF of the pages, perform OCR on the pages, create image derivatives and set the book thumbnail, change the reading order (page progression), reorder the pages, or delete pages.

The Usage section of the Islandora Paged Content documentation has more information on how to add and manipulate pages within a book.


The Book Solution Pack configuration page can be found at, and includes the following configuration options:

Create Page Derivatives Locally

This section allows you to configure the Book Solution Pack module to create derivative datastreams for pages. The following derivative datastreams can be set, with their accompanying dependencies:

TN, JPEG, JP2Large Image Solution Pack

Islandora OCR

Parent Solr Field

This field defines the field in Solr that associates pages with their parent book objects. The default is `RELS_EXT_isMemberOf_uri_ms`.

Metadata Display

Check "Display object metadata" if you would like the book's descriptive metadata, "In collections" statement, and description to display below the book viewer. If unchecked, only the book viewer will appear on the object page.

Book Viewers and Page Viewers

These two sections change how Islandora handles a request in the the 'View' tab of a Book object and Page object, respectively. Islandora includes support for the Internet Archive Book Reader and OpenSeadragon as book and page viewers. Check the links in the Dependencies section above for more information on installing these components. Alternatively, if you have PDF versions of books and pages, you can display those in the PDF.js reader.

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Book Solution Pack comes with the following objects in

  • Islandora Internet Archive Book Content Model (islandora:bookCModel)
  • Book Collection (islandora:bookCollection)

A book ingested with all derivative creation options checked will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata

MODSMODS metadata form


Dublin Core record

TNThumbnail image


PDF derivative created by ImageMagick

Check Islandora Paged Content for information on an individual page's datastreams.

The Book Solution Pack comes with the Islandora Book MODS form.

Islandora 6 Compatibility

While books for Islandora 6 and 7 can exist in the same repository, books ingested through Islandora 6 will not display properly in Islandora 7. A migration script is required.

Batch Processing

  An optional module to ingest multiple book and page objects is available.

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