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This is a Beta release of the New Islandora Drupal 7 Module. As with all Beta software caution should be used deploying in production environments. Some level of experience with Islandora and Fedora are necessary to start working with this Beta. As we progress from Beta to a full release this documentation page will become more complete.

Installation Instructions


Islandora 7 Requires PHP 5.3

  • Install Drupal 7
  • Install Fedora Commons (Tested with v3.4.2 and v3.5)
  • Install / Configure Drupal Filter
    • These instructions apply to the Drupal 7 except for the "Test The Servlet Filter" section. Ignore this section.
  • Download and Install the Drupal 7 Modules below.
  • Test that the Drupal Filter is working by:
    1. Go to the Drupal Administration Section
    2. Click Islandora
    3. Click Configuration
    4. Follow the directions given in the "Fedora base URL" section. If you get a green checkmark, you are successfully connected.

Known Issues

Here is the list of the Open Bugs in our JIRA for these modules. Some of the modules are still in Alpha while others are in Beta. Any patches for these known issues, or any new bug reports are greatly appreciated. Links to our source control are included in the download section below.

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View these issues in Jira



Other Requirements



Drupal Filter



Google Developers Group: For support, feedback, and bug reports.

Google Users Group: For user-related issues and information.


Islandora operates under a GNU license.

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  1. Not covered in any documentation on 7.x that I can see:

    The contents of 'tuque' must be placed in a <drupal_install_directory>/sites/<all|default>/libraries directory (creating the libraries directory inside /sites/all or /sites/default if necessary).  Otherwise the http://localhost/drupal/admin/islandora/configure screen contains no fields to actually input configuration parameters.