This migration toolkit was created and developed as part of the IMLS grant funded Fedora Migration Paths and Tools: a Pilot Project. As one of the key deliverables, our aim is to provide the tools, documentation and instruction for migrating Fedora 3.x instances to the newest version of Fedora, Fedora 6.x. This toolkit was developed in collaboration with the two pilot partner institutions involved throughout the grant period, The University of Virginia and Whitman College, along with a team from Born Digital and key stakeholders at Lyrasis. We thank all of the community members and individuals involved in all areas of this project for helping to create this toolkit, with the hopes of lowering migration barriers and providing the pathways and tools needed to ensure the continued accessibility, security and preservation of the priceless content contained within Fedora repositories around the world.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services LG-246264-OLS-20.

Access the full Migration Toolkit Here

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