By now, if you have reviewed all the content in your repository, remediated and/or mapped metadata, completed test migrations and are satisfied with the results, you are ready for the actual migration!


  • Migrate all content in your repository to Fedora 6.x.

Suggested Collaborators

  • Project Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Developers
  • SME on data and data migration




Final Check before Actual Migration

  • Do you have a documented plan on the actual migration, including timeline, approach, monitoring, troubleshooting, and data recovery in case of critical errors?
  • Have appropriate considerations been given to the distribution and use of funds allocated for this project?
  • Is there a contingency plan or funds set aside to accommodate additional work required, or to pay for extra time if necessary?
  • Are all departments and individuals aware of their responsibilities?
  • Have you reviewed your migration plan with stakeholders?
  • Have you prepared and trained your migration staff and/or volunteers?
  • Does the migration require down time of your repository? If so, has the down time been communicated to all stakeholders, including librarians and users?
  • Do you have a plan established to handle errors, failures or set-backs?

Migration for Islandora:

Whitman College used separate staging and production servers to manage this process. All test migrations were run on a separate staging server and all production migrations were run on the production server. 

Production migrations follow the same process as test migrations, but depending on the size of your repository, there may be many more spreadsheets and lines of data to manage. We recommend using a tracking spreadsheet to manage this process. See Whitman College’s Tracking Spreadsheet as an example. The Production Migration Tracking Spreadsheet Template is also available for you to download.

Similar to test migrations, it is also recommended to review content during and after your production migration. If you were already using spreadsheets to track expected display and functionality during tests, you can consider using the same spreadsheets to review the final results. See Whitman College’s test migration spreadsheets and tracking spreadsheet as an example.

Migration for Custom Fedora 3.x:

Follow instructions outlined in Fedora 6.x Documentation.

See Migration demo by Scott Prater from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an example.

Post Migration Considerations:

  1. When will you retire the previous repository?
  2. Do you need to keep it as read-only for reference for a period of time?
  3. When will your team wrap up documentation for future reference?
    1. Documentation related to the migration process and
    2. Documentation related to the use of the new system for future references
  4. When will you conduct a report-out or After Action Review with the project team?
  5. Do you need to communicate the changes with your end users or train power users?
  6. How will you monitor usage to identify potential issues with migrated data?

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