Your Islandora 2.0 (Drupal 8 or 9) theme will play a critical role in the function and display of your repository. Themes from previous versions of Islandora and Drupal are not compatible, so you will need to use or create a new theme for Islandora 2.0. Depending on the theme that you use, you may also need to configure your site.


  •  Create new themes and complete site configuration.

Suggested Collaborators

  • Project Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Developers
  • SME on data and data migration



  1. Create or use a new theme for Islandora 2.0. You can use any Drupal 9 theme for this purpose, and there is a community-supported starter theme that provides a lot of out-of-the-box functionality and configurations to get you started if you need it.

  2. Configure site as needed.

Every Islandora site is different, but there are some common configuration options. Most of them will depend on the theme being used. For sites using the Islandora Foundation theme contributed by Born Digital, Whitman College’s Site Theme and Configuration Guide outlines the available configuration options. For those using a different theme, some of these options will still apply but others will need to be configured differently for your installation.

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