Before beginning a migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 6.x, it is useful to export a representative sample of Fedora 3 content in order to review the content types, metadata, and datastreams used in the repository.

After the review, you can determine whether you are ready for migration, or if any data requires clean up, and/or what metadata content needs to be remediated or remapped. 


  • Determine whether content in your Fedora 3.x repository is ready for migration.

Suggested Collaborators

  • Project Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Developers
  • Functional Specialists, i.e. metadata librarians, digital preservation teams etc.
  • SME on data and data migration


Follow instructions outlined in Fedora Migration Documentation to export and review Fedora 3.x content.

The documentation suggests using a spreadsheet to summarize content. This spreadsheet may look very different based on your institution's use case, but here are suggestions for some tabs:

  • One tab that lists each content type and the datastreams it should contain
  • One tab that lists each metadata type and schema
  • One tab that lists each field used in the metadata

Result Analysis

  1. Do you see any issues with the content, such as missing information, duplicates (within or without the repository such as derivatives that may be served from a IIIF server but the old derivatives were never deleted), inaccurate descriptions, inconsistent use of metadata, etc.?
  2. If it has been determined that content needs to be further reviewed, how much time and effort would be required? And how does it affect your overall migration project plan?

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